New Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine statue coming in 2013, take my money!

Hollywood Collectibles has put forth some awesome Resident Evil collectibles already, with a Licker diorama, S.T.A.R.S. Badge and Zombie Cop statue amongst their high-quality offerings. Now, it’s time to focus on one of the best games in the series: Resident Evil 3.

Later this year, the company will be putting out an amazing 21″ Nemesis statue. And early next year, they’ll be releasing the monster’s Raccoon City sweetheart, Jill Valentine.

This polystone statue of the beautiful Ms. Valentine, in her Resident Evil 3 outfit, stands at 13 1/2″ tall and is incredibly detailed, which is expected from Hollywood Collectibles. It also comes with an awesome base, which is a piece of one of Raccoon City’s streets, complete with a newspaper and shells on the ground.

You can admire the statue in the gallery below. Hell, I’m about to pre-order it right now! And you can do so yourself by clicking here.

[nggallery id=46]


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  • dolp

    Take my money?, really?, it looks like shit.

  • Damn! I might have to pick that up.

    • I can’t wait. I’m also getting the Nemmy statue. I can’t wait for them to do a Birkin one.

  • Neutron15

    Nemesis Statue would come with Brad’s corpse

  • Urgently accept my funding!

  • Henrikm

    I have Jill’s statue in RE3 outfit and orginal outfit but could get this one too.
    I just wish we could see a Jill in her BSAA outfit too cus while peeps drole of blonde battlesuit Jill.
    I though BSAA Jill looked cooler.

  • Grim Santo

    The body is fine but the face seems off to me.

  • MiggyWasHere

    JUST ordered mine!!! 😀 Goodbye $192, Hello Jill Valentine Statue!!

  • VGAce

    Love me some Jill, but her delicate features don’t seem to translate to the medium as well as the grotesquely intricate designs of the series’ monstrous antagonists. It’s a great sculpt save for the face, which is decent but doesn’t reflect her appearance very accurately. Given the choice, I’d choose Nemmy or a Licker.

  • Her nose in this statue looks a bit bigger !

    Who care’s … still looks legendary in this outfit :3 !

  • Ali

    Am i the only one who isnt into toys? Games and Artbooks any day for me but whatever makes you happy 🙂 PS i totally ordered the crap out of RE6 collectors edition, the beautiful artbook!!!!

  • Ray

    Though it is still too ugly, it seems more like Lara Croft with short hair to me. Anyway, they know some people will buy anything if they put the name RE under it.

  • gazombie

    i think the face looks a bit off aswell but still ordering as i have licker cop and executioner already. nemesis is also on pre order 🙂

  • ccrogers15

    I seen nemmy, he looks fine. Jill on the otherhand… well… epic fail. Looks nothing like her. Looks more like a fat cross play girl failed on comic con.

  • ccrogers15

    *cosplay. Epic fail to me lol

  • Gazombie

    The 6/10 picture looks perfect, its the close up on the face that looks messed up.

  • She`s pretty ugly! 🙁


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