New Operation Raccoon City footage shows off entire G-Birkin boss fight

I know there’s some things we as gamers would love to experience for ourselves, but there are certain exceptions. While this piece of new footage may be something you would want to avoid, it’s still awesome nonetheless. I mean, this is William Birkin (in his mutated state) we’re talking about here!

Earlier today we posted footage showing off the first ten minutes of the game (courtesy of GamesReactorTV). This new footage (put up by GamesRadar) is a continuation of that, showing off the entire boss battle against G-Birkin. It’s a chase sequence that looks mighty intense. And as you can imagine, that bulging eyeball on William’s shoulder is what you want to concentrate fire on. Just sayin’.

Check out the footage below.

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  • Amazing, QTE while on the ground made me laugh. that would be terrifying.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Jorge, do you know if the first ten minutes video was the final build? The game looked pretty jerky and the AI was pretty terrible.

  • I’m sure it’s the final build, or very close to it. I’m sure some things might be ironed out during this final stretch.

  • TentPole
  • liam

    wow im supprised he was allowed to diss the game before it comes out lol he made it sound bad , but I want to give it a chance.
    maybe they can fix the a.i with a patch

  • lahey

    the commentators sounds like idiots

  • Ben May

    Nice to see Birkin wreaking havoc again!

  • TentPole
  • killer89

    I wonder why T-virus is recolored to be Blue… (movie style).
    The virus evidently is Green, as seen on Resident Evil 2.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    You got a point there killer89,possibly a mistake made by Slaint Six as afterall they are not Capcom.

  • Spencer

    Hey @0.34 right at the beginning that’s totally the vent you crawl through in outbreak in the second level. It starts in the umbrella lab and by an elevator and crawl through a vent.

  • Lex

    I found the Ne-T parasite zombies to actually be kinda creepy. The A.I partners seems to be fond of fight over flight. Some parts still look a bit jerky but I’m hoping it’s all ironed out by release day.


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