Gamescom 2016: Metal Gear Survive is a game with zombies in it

The Metal Gear series is not dead. Konami has announce at Gamescom the latest entry in the series, and it’s a zombie game that takes place after the events in Ground Zeroes. You know the Mother Base soldiers left behind during the attack? Well, some of them got pulled into an alternate reality with zombies. Seriously.

Metal Gear Survive will be a co-op stealth game releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2017. It may be fun, but were you hoping for a new Metal Gear game a little more … traditional? Either way, this will be interesting to watch unfold after a large portion of Kojima Productions and the head designer himself left. Yeah, this is weird.

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  • LoveAnimation

    So is it like the Umbrella Corps game but in in the Metal Gear world?
    Yes i do wanted a more tradional Metal Gear game so im not happy about this at all.
    I guess they are probably never going to remake the first two Metal Gear games like i have wanted for a long time.

  • Naissus

    I don’t really like the backstory for how they get into another dimension. Would have been better if a team was sent to an island to recover intel when they find more than they expected.

    • MathewW


      • Naissus

        Would have even made since and could have been a direct spin off to MGS V. Given that MGS V deals with BOWs. it would have fit in with canon.

  • MathewW

    Initially, when I read the article, I was like “fuxk this, this is stupid”. Watched the trailer and, well, it looks pretty crazy I guess. Seeing as it’s weirdly tied to GZ/TFP, I would imagine it’d be similar/same graphics. Waiting for gameplay trailer before making my mind up.

    • Naissus

      I guess this is the horror edition of metal gear. Much like RDR or COD.

  • Nickolaidas

    Metal Gear games with zombies and no stealth.
    Resident Evil games without zombies but with stealth.
    This world has gone insane.


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