Lilith Ltd takes Allison Road to Kickstarter


P.T. is dead and buried, but as we mentioned back in June,¬†hopeful fans of the Silent Hills demo can at least have something to look forward to in Lilith Ltd’s budding horror title. Allison Road, a game undeniably similar to P.T., is preparing a Kickstarter campaign.

The announcement came just days ago on their Twitter account, with just a few updates following. An¬†interesting aspect to note is that the studio has repeatedly stated they want to be unique from P.T., and that they want Allison Road to be “quite a different experience” from Silent Hills.

Time will tell how Allison Road plans to form its own identity outside of the canceled Konami project, until then, we wish them the best of luck with their upcoming Kickstarter.


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  • I’m still sour from the trailer and honestly, they shouldn’t have tried to emulate PT. That’s a hole that they will never be able to fill. They’re overestimating their abilities and I hope it doesn’t, but I’m expecting this to just crash and burn, especially since now they need a kickstarter.

    • ariessiren

      well aren’t you a negative nancy

      • With pretty much anything that isn’t the horror genre, not usually. But I’ve seen things like this countless times before and I’ve gotten just a tad cynical about it.

        • Andy Sinclair

          I know what you are saying. I was so disappointed with the Silent Hills game getting cancelled I try to not get my hopes up anymore about certain games cause you never know. As awesome as this game looks I’m not going to get my hopes up.

  • Anthony DeRouen

    The demo was cool (obviously a PT rip off), but I’m not totally averse to shunning their Kickstarter. I would have to know a lot more about what they plan to do.


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