Here's your first look at gameplay from Allison Road - Rely on Horror

Here’s your first look at gameplay from Allison Road


P.T. was an amazing survival horror experience on the PlayStation 4. It served as a taste of what to expect from Silent Hills. Knowing what has happened between Hideo Kojima and Konami makes the project’s apparent death an even harder pill to swallow. But, not all hope is lost…

UK games studio Lilith Ltd. is currently hard at work on their upcoming PC survival horror game titled Allison Road. Upon first glance, it’s similar to P.T., seeing as how you’re exploring a house in first-person, with supernatural happenings going on around you.

The unnamed protagonist you play as wakes up one day without any memory of what has happened. You’re tasked with looking for your family, all while discovering the mysteries behind the British townhouse you’re in, over the course of five nights (with the clock ticking down towards 3 AM). And, of course, there’s entities roaming around. And we get to meet one of them in the footage below!

Stay tuned for more news on the game.

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