E3 2017: State of Decay 2 Revealed

At the Xbox E3 presser today State of Decay has made a reappearance. State of Decay 2 is set to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC Spring 2018, complete with expanded online co-op play (something the first game desperately needed). It’s also a Playable Anywhere title for play on console and PC.

State of Decay 2 looks to expand on the first game in terms of scope and mechanics, but looks very reminiscent of the first game. Playing with friends will drastically improve the experience, most likely. Teamwork against the game’s variety of zombies seems to be a core focus this time around, with expanded combat and escape mechanics available.

We’ll have to wait nearly a year for its release.

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  • Henrikm

    I loved the first State of Decay this will be interersting especially how they will handle the game now when one can play with others.

    If one build a settlement and log out will it still be there when one return or fallen to zeds?


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