Dead Rising: Watchtower out in March, premiering on…Crackle?


According to Game Informer, the Dead Rising film that we’ve all be so eagerly anticipating will arrive March 27th, which is just around the corner.  Dead Rising: Watchtower will be premiering on Sony Pictures Television streaming service Crackle but will come to other platforms in time and also see a physical release.

Rob Riggle of POW! fame will be playing Frank “War Coverin'” West, with co-stars Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen, and Dennis Haysbert. Though most of the actors aren’t well-known, I’m surprised to see David Palmer himself moving into zombie-town. Though my hopes aren’t high for the movie, seeing that Tim Carter (the writer of Sleeping Dogs) is the lead writer, I’m allowing myself some cautious optimism. Maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised!


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  • franky mcdonald

    Red Riding Hood,”Monk’s” jersey girl/nurse, Pedro from Major League, a hunk from Whisteria Lane, and the drunk cop of the Upright Citizens Brigade” team up to confront the living dead. sounds like one of those series you don’t watch for the story, but for moments when the actor/actress does something one of their other characters would look funny doing. I’m in.

  • TH3J4CK4L

    Seems like making this show now is like using a time machine to visit a funeral or exhuming a long dead relative to look for a family resemblance

  • Steven Bayne

    Pow! Pow!


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