Dead Rising 4’s ‘Frank Rising’ DLC Detailed

Hey, so before we get into this, spoiler warning.

Much like Resident Evil 7‘s upcoming Not A Hero DLC, it’s pretty much impossible to discuss Dead Rising 4′s Frank Rising DLC without spoiling the game, so if you’d rather not know how the latest entry in the zombie-slaying series ends, I’d stop reading.

A new piece of Dead Rising 4‘s season pass content is on it’s way, and has released some official details on it:

Frank Rising explores what happens to Frank after an all-new outbreak in Willamette. Frank is infected and wanders the city beaten, bloody and driven only by a need to feast. When a former ally discovers him, he is written off as incurable. Luckily, he’ll find help from an unlikely resource. As Frank begins to recover he’ll need to race to find a permanent cure while developing all-new abilities and strength. Unfortunately, he can no longer eat food to stay alive and must feast on others to survive. As he is trying to save himself, Frank learns that several survivors he cares about are trapped in the city with him and he must rescue them – and himself – before the government closes his case file for good and wipes the city off the map.

In case you’re wondering what the hell it’s talking about, Dead Rising 4 ends with Frank West ‘dying’. It’s a terrible ending in my opinion, and icing on the cake of problems that the game suffered from. To top it all off, unlike every previous numbered game in the series, 4 decided to forgo the tradition of including an Overtime Mode, which was the game’s true ending (except for DR2) and was only unlocked after completing the story in the best way possible. DR4 has no alternate endings, and Overtime Mode appears to have been removed for the sake of this DLC, Frank Rising. Bleh. This add-on will be released April 4th for $9.99, and is included in the season pass.

Along with Frank Rising, we’re also getting Super Ultra Dead Rising Mini Golf soon, which I guess is to follow up with Frank’s inexplicable (and previously unspoken of) obsession with Mini Golf in DR4.

With multiple holes of pure wanton destruction, in Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf players will flip zombies the bird as they navigate the greens in the Willamette Mall and surrounding town. Unlock specialized golf clubs, costumes and balls as Frank West provides play-by-play commentary for swings, birdies, and shots. Collect Power-Ups to take the game to the next level and take out zombies with explosive style while keeping swings low and the kill count high. Hone course skills to perfection in single player, fight for the high score online in a 4-player multiplayer, or join friends in your living room with turn-based co-op.

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Alpha Turbo Whatever was a lot of fun in the previous game, so hopefully this follows suit. I had a blast playing that mode, and unlocking all of the costumes for the characters (including a Dino Crisis Regina outfit for Katy!). This will also be $9.99 on it’s own, and included in the season pass.


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