YouTuber Explains Why Dead Rising 4 is an Awful Dead Rising Game

I love Dead Rising.

I really do feel that I need to stress that before we really begin. I love this series, I’ve played every game, seen every movie (yes, even Dead Rising Sun), and have even cosplayed as Frank to conventions. It is, in my opinion, the best zombie game series ever made, capturing the essence of zombie films and literature, combining humor and genuine horror, and even manages to have some incredibly fun gameplay to boot as well. But not Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising 4 is an offensively bad Dead Rising game, the worst in the entire franchise. A title that not only spits in the face of fans and feels as if it were deliberately designed to ruin the spirit of the series. I’m sure by this point you’ve probably seen lots of other critics and fans discuss the game’s problems as a Dead Rising game, from the eye-opening Crowbcat videos that shine a light on how the game was developed and marketed and directly compared how many elements that were outright missing between the original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 4 that made the newest entry look like the older game.

I would end up spending a week trying to write down every single thing I found wrong with Dead Rising 4, and luckily I don’t have to. YouTuber GhenryPerez explains in exceptional detail the issues that Dead Rising 4 suffers from, and does it in one of the more level-headed and well thought out ways I’ve seen the game criticized. While the video is pretty long (just a little under 2 hours), I highly recommend sticking with it, especially if you’ve been a fan of the series and either hasn’t actually gotten to DR4 yet, or if you want more fuel to your fire as to why the game was bad. Hopefully videos like this and the general backlash can help Capcom Vancouver make Dead Rising 5, or whatever is next, better. We managed to help Capcom learn from their mistakes with Resident Evil, so fingers crossed for their other awesome zombie series.

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