Capcom cancels overseas development, DmC reboot series probably canned

Capcom has announced today that they’re going back to in-house development after disappointing sales of their products. This announcement comes two years after Capcom favoured outsourcing–they wanted to use North American and European studios to reduce development time and double its output of major franchise titles. Oh, how times change and bad things happen.

Capcom has lamented on poor sales due to “excessive” outsourcing for low quality games, a slow approach to adapting to changing digital markets, and lastly,  inadequate performance from their advertising and marketing divisions.  The publisher has reduced expected profits for the year from 6.5bn ($66.2m / £43.4m) to ¥2.9bn ($29.5m / £19.4m). Capcom is said to have had a loss of ¥7.2 bn ($73.3m / £48.1m) due to game cancellations. Capcom has also stated their dissatisfaction with the “disappointing” 4.9 million sales of Resident Evil 6 from a targeted 7 million, and the 1.1 million sales of DmC: Devil May Cry against a targeted 2 million. Capcom plans to alter their development strategy by developing more games in-house, strengthen their efforts in digital markets, and improve marketing / strategies.

I don’t think Resident Evil 6 failed with those numbers, but then again, it’s development cost must have been insane. Add on top of that Capcom’s ridiculous sales expectations to match Call of Duty numbers, and of course they’ll underperform. As for the possibility that DmC: Devil May Cry may be no more (as well as any Operation Raccoon City sequel by Slant Six), I feel deeply saddened. I greatly enjoyed DmC and on numerous occasions have spoken out in its quality. Ninja Theory crafted a fine game with clear plans for a sequel. It’s a sad thought that we may never see that come to fruition because Capcom has once again restructured their development approach. Low sales don’t necessarily mean a bad product guys, DmC might have done better had it not been for a few jabs from Ninja Theory toward series fans and had the game been given better marketing (the Eye of Dante app was probably a waste of resources to be honest). A reboot needs to be gently presented to fans.

Because I need to know, otherwise I’ll be sad forever, I’ll be sending along an inquiry to Capcom about DmC‘s future. We all know Resident Evil (hopefully) can only get better from here on out, so bare with me as I confirm the death of my Dante.


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  • Koulamatata

    I’m with you there CJ. I really enjoyed DmC and was pretty interested to see how they could refine everything and up the ante for a sequel.
    That really is a shame. Out of all the outsourcing they’ve done, I feel like DmC was the only quality title that came out of it.

    • Eh I liked heavenly Sword, even if it was older

    • Chris

      Loved DmC. I would LOVE it if Ninja Theory got at least just one more sequel to do.

  • PetroLL

    NOOO I loved the new DMC! I really wanted to see it evolve into series… *cries in corner*

  • popo

    NOOOO I loved the new DMC!

  • good, finally capcom/NT come to they senses to end that shitty ass DmC game. hope that crapcom will make a smart movie and give the DMC rights to
    Platinum Games. a good gaming company. here hope

    • Seeing as how people who quit Capcom work and run Platinum, I doubt it.

      • then they might as well stop making garbage like DmC and re6. not all of us are dumb sheeps that give in to crap that had the tittle slap on to it.

        • Well, I bought Resident Evil 6 and enjoy it. Sure, the series has changed, but I am willing to roll with it for the time being. I don’t demand my expectations to be met…I consider it a bonus when they are met. =D And I really dislike being called a dumb sheep. Thanks.

          • so, u saying u would flock to mediocrity. no , thank u for proving my point.

          • Bryan

            I’m with you. I enjoyed RE6. It was a fun co-op game.

          • OnionShittingPanda

            That’s why it’s not a true Resident Evil game. Because you enjoyed it as a coop game.

          • Astral Esfe

            you two are right.the game was okay.if someone wants survival horror play the newest silent hill or the next year coming evil within

          • Patrick

            “I don’t demand my expectations to be met…I consider it a bonus when they are met.” – Well said.

          • Snargle

            I, too, pay money for games that don’t meet my expectations, i.e. suck.

            Oh wait, no I don’t. because I’m not a flaming HEAD CASE.

          • HeatPhoenix

            W…who would spend money on something they know will disappoint them (as in, NOT meet their expectations)?? Seriously.

        • I’m not a big fan of the original DMC games, only 1 and 3. So the reason I like the new one is because of the content, not the name.

          • how unfortunate :

          • DMC2 doesn’t count even to fans of the series, no?

          • yeah and now DMC2 is not alone with DmC :

          • No DMC2 is still alone DmC was good

          • I’ll give you that one. DMC2 is non-existant in most eyes.

          • Astral Esfe

            and thats good.everyone can move on

          • Spike32

            I’m a fan of the originals (1 and 3 and even 4), but I like the content of the new one as well. Shame.

          • Astral Esfe


        • Dingus McIngus

          The plural of “sheep” is “sheep”.

        • Dude screw you guys, it’s because of people like you jack offs is why good games like DmC wont get a sequel, let me ask you this would you rather have the game die out and have everyone forget about it? Or would have them re-embody the franchise so that it can live on and keep fans happy? Because I honestly thought this new DmC was the best in the series except for maybe 3. And I’d be willing to bet money that half of you jackasses haven’t even played the new DmC, in fact i’d be willing to bet the only DMC game most of you have probably played is 3, and Devin if you’re willing to waste your time and money on pixleated images on a TV screen…. you’re kind of a sheep anyways, but the point is, is don’t just bitch about a game if you don’t like it, just don’t play it

          • uhh no atleast DMC2 while DmC was still garbage.

            i rather have no DMC game then a shitty one that we got now, especailly since NT was involed, good thing that your honest thought wasn’t an majority voice other then it would prove my point further about sheep.. and i would gladly take your money cuz i play it without giving a single dime(rocking my pirate hat)like any other person with senses…its still a fail. and how im a sheep? I’m not the one accteping mediocrity as the company insults me. let it go, go for another shitty game that gets sequels regardless, like COD, RE6 or something. the point is, is dont be mad that a shitty game that u like didnt succuess cuz most ppl was smart enough to not buy crap.

            …what? I wasted time and money on pixleated images on a TV screen that i dont even own? NNOOOO!!!!!

          • Dave

            Your idiocy amuses me to no end. Please continue. DmC is a shitty streamlined version of ones a good franchise. Period. And DMC4 was loads better than 3. Fuck limited DMC3 Dante.

          • cubs88

            lol dmc4 sucked

          • Dave

            “lol i cant recognize a good game even when it gets slammed into my retarded face, purely because i dont know what game mechanics are and/or how they work”

            there you go, fixed it for you.

          • zaher2

            i have played dmc it suck couldn’t even play it again and stop saying jadckass it’s your proplem

          • Astral Esfe

            you are 50% right.

    • cubs88

      DMC was the best of all of them.

      • Devin Wayne

        u right Devil May Cry 1 was the best, but i like 3 more…if u mean that shitty reboot then good thing there aint more like to continue this garbage 😛

        • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          Well the critics seemed to disagree with u. They tested and played and based their judgement on facts Devin Rooney. DMC was indeed the best of the series becoz
          1)idiots opnions of ppl like u does not matter.
          2) Better and darker and better stroyline. Whereas rest of series had litterally no no storyline at but that does not mean they were shitty games on the contrary they good games but lacked geninuely good storyline. So DMC tops the previous series in that regard and finally DMC story finally makes sense also u need applaud on adding new game play mechanic.
          3) It totally rated r even though other DMC were rated r as well but it had tongue in cheek approach.
          4) Most of ppl of PPL dick any ways and u can clearly see that highest grossing hollywood movies are PG 13 at best and they worst as well. So i guess guys like prefer pg 13 movies. Plz don’t Dark Knight, guys like never gave damn abt Batman Begins when it first came out.

          • Devin Wayne

            well it seem the fans would like flip u out cuz that also play and test and based their judgement on facts aswell.

            1. if we dont matter, the why did it flop so hard? crapcom was aiming for 5 million sells(the other games has never got that high) then after the backlash they low it to 2 million and when it came out they barly make half of that.

            2. really? i guess gamers really got no taste nowaday if u think shit like that.

            3. if a game is good then an rated system. so they irrelevant

            4, again irrelevant

            anyway thank for proving me that they still sheep “slrup slrup slrup” to the bitter end.

          • Ellos


            First off, stop referring to yourself as “fans”
            when arguing with someone who doesn’t agree with your point of view. You are not our voice. Fans are individuals, perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves. Coming from you, making assumptions and speaking for the lot of us, makes all fans look bad.

            I’ve played every Devil May Cry game many times
            over. When I saw the DmC trailer my first reaction was “Oh yes, someone is willing to try breathing life into one of my favorite series!” not “Oh this is garbage look at his hair.” since I thought it was dead after four. I noticed he looked a lot younger in the DmC trailer than in DMC3. Seeing his hair black I thought “Ok this is a prequel to the prequel, we’re going to get even more backstory and learn how Dante’s hair ended up being white, and why Dante and Vergil hate each other.”

            As far as we know, Dante’s devil form awoke for
            the first time in DMC3 after his fight with Vergil. This being a prequel made even more sense at the time when it was announced that in your “devil trigger form” your hair just turned white. Like, “Why would I have Devil Trigger in this
            prequel when he unlocks it later on in the timeline during DMC3?” the Dante we know and love is in his own tier compared to the one in DmC, because he’s naturally in this state all the time. In DmC Dante is only able to temporarily
            reach his normal state that we’re used to (until the end of the game) with the Devil Trigger mechanic. I know that this game was intended to be a reboot, and there are a lot of inconsistent things. Mundus being destroyed, Dante being demon/angel instead of demon/human, Dante is now the older brother when he used to be the
            younger one, are all examples. However, you have to admit in its own right that the game honestly had the potential to be a prequel if they set out to write it that way. You just seem determined to irrevocably bastardize and shun the game, despite how much room Dante has to grow. He’s very young in DmC, and could’ve very well developed the personality we’re familiar with in future titles.

            When it comes to the game industry, there are
            no guarantees that you will be satisfied with a video game. You’re a unique individual and can’t just ask someone “Do you think I’ll like it?” because no one can really judge but you. There are means in which to present part of a product (trailers, demos, reviews, playthroughs) but to outright demand a product for free is ludicrous. Thinking you’re cool for “Rockin’ your pirate
            hat” with entitled douche pasted on the front is one of the major problems with the game industry today. This is business, you don’t deserve anything. A company makes a product, you judge whether its right for you. Then you buy and use the product, or you don’t get it, period. Not all this “I’ll just go download it illegally and enjoy something I don’t rightfully own.” I for one, mourn the fact that we may never see a DmC2. The story and gameplay were solid, and it was set up nicely for a sequel. Also, by the end of the game, Dante had began to reach the level of strength he has in DMC3. This would’ve opened the door to see a real DT form in action for the sequel.

            Many fans found the infamous wig scene in DmC
            as a personal jab. Although the scene was very self-aware, I believe it to be more stressful of Dante’s ignorance to his future, and a display of his currently rash personality that has yet to refine itself. As Vergil put it “He’s raw.”

            Sales do not make a good game. There are plenty of gems out there depending on personal taste that didn’t get a lot of revenue, yet are still amazing. Saying “The game only had one million sales its bad.” doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and I’m really tired of this flimsy, ignorant argument. That’s like saying Call of Duty and Battlefield are an amazing franchise because they sell.

            It’s also annoying that you deem any valid
            points against your argument irrelevant, like a sharing of opinions is a “win or lose” debate. Of course that’s the naïve sub-sheep thought process for you, “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is wrong, because I have to win.” I don’t disagree with everything you’ve said, but as a fan, I wouldn’t want to be grouped with you. You’re over the top, with unsightly behavior to match. For someone who deems they’re qualified to point out who’s a sheep or not, you sure take the cake on adorning beer goggles.

            TL;DR: People like you kill the franchises I love. Toss off you ignorant dolt, you’re giving true fans a bad name.

          • Devin Wayne

            oh another one. do ppl still commenting on this post? anyway, not going thought to ur whole pointless story here. just adressing a few things. soo i cant refer myself who cared, pay, play and support DMC a fan cuz yall dont like what i have to say? y;know a simply “go fuck yo-self” would be in order but i find it too rube and to easy.

            and sadly u right, im not a voice for all fans, never said i was. if y’all like this shit then whatever sadly.

            by piratry, do didnt mean”self-entitlement” I mean “try out a shitty without wasting and giving my more crapcom” i rarly do that. plus it also shut sheep like this one fanboy on here saying ” you have never even play it” the fuck up. i supported my games and they be worth it, but not dont give me that businessm killing indusy bullshit.

            sell may not matter, but this is a bad game and it matter to crapcom. they the cocky ones insulted us, making dumb chosse and want reach to 5 million. not a great spilt up the fanbase, those bad sell are coming from ppl who aware of it but dont like it and not gonna buy it

            if u basing what i say about what the guy said are irrelevant, well yeah. its has nothing to with the game and dumb.

            and it not that im saying u wrong.liking garbage. i dont really give a fuck what y’all think.

          • Ellos

            Yes, when people spot a dumbass they tend to respond and inform said person (you) that they’re such. If you don’t want people to respond to you keep your trap shut. This is a discussion board, don’t post on one if you aren’t open to discussion.

            Like I said before, I didn’t disagree with everything you said, but the way you act makes you look like a serious tool.

            Not only do you seem to not have the ability to spell, you apparently can’t read either. I basically said “What everyone likes is different.” so what you deem as a “good” or “bad” game does not apply to everyone else. If you don’t like it you don’t have to play it, but you don’t have to respond to every comment in favor of the game and insult people. I can guarantee there’s plenty of games you love that I’d see as garbage, but I’m not in your face telling you that. Just like how you care about no one’s opinion but yours, I don’t give a fuck about yours.

            Piracy is not an excuse to “try out” (aka play through the entire thing, hypocrite) a game. There are plenty of legal ways to check out a games content. If you want to play through it you have to BUY it, RENT it, or BORROW it from someone. Those are your options, and the fact that you think it’s alright to illegally download a copy of any game to play it “because you don’t like it” (which doesn’t make fucking sense, why would a regular john doe download a game he doesn’t like) gives evidence to the fact that you feel entitled. Even though you are paying no money, you feel you deserve to play the game because you paid to play the previous ones. Sorry, wake up call, go play the previous ones that you paid for.

            “Yo dawg I’m not sayin’ u wrong, bein’ an entitled piece of shit. Do yo thing. I don’t really give a fuck what ya think, but you should stop bein’ fake brah. I mean you reactin rite? Yappin’ yo mouth every time u spot n’ opinion you dun like, then turnin round n’ talkin’ shit bout how u dun care.”

            Drop that lame ass attempt at speaking, seriously. You don’t illegally download a game you don’t like, cause that shit just makes you look like a cheap-ass hypocrite who wants to play without havin to pay. Which you did, so you are.

            You can’t bash a game when you go out of your way to illegally download the shit to play man, period.

            Just cause you think its bad doesn’t mean it’s true, your opinion isn’t law buddy, not by a long shot. So as you so glamorously were too afraid to state it, I will.

            Go fuck yo-self.

          • Devin Wayne

            well,not i didnt know fanboys still comment on this, since this those is months old and topic is old news also. DmC flop, get over it, its nothing to discuss about this anymore nor inform shit we already know.but u right, they no need feeding a troll who all they can do from this point is to insult my gramma and way i talk, and im a tool? bitch plz.

            Drop this pointless ass dicussion already,geez. if u dont like what i have to say and nor aprove what i do, then that ur problem. be happy u have atleast got to play the fucking game, better then nothing, i guess.

            my opinion may not law, but the opinions of the majority sure made a diffents.

            ah,well. ppl just cant move on.

      • Dennis Den Boer
    • Astral Esfe

      yeah,you are right.we need an extreme and stylish game

  • I’ll say what I say whenever I hear one of capcom new ‘strategies’ :/ As long as this produced quality it sounds like a good idea

    Though that being said:
    Resident Evil 6 = Capcom Japan (Japanese Company) = Crap
    DmC = Ninja Theory (American Company) = Good, so I don’t know if this is going to work out for them… 🙁

    • Ninja Theory is in Europe.

      • Well… uh…um… YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT! ;D

      • That Guy

        The UK is in Europe

        • He has said American.

          • That Guy

            Who Brady? but she sai… I mean… sorry CJ, please don’t take away anymore franchises.

          • But I’m all man! (like I actually am….) D: I did say American first but changed it cos’ CJ felt the need to point out my mistakes! )’:

    • derp

      yeah they’re english, hence the UK flag on dante’s coat.

      • lol It’s funny because the voice actor for Dante is Australian and he’s putting on a slightly hammy American accent throughout the whole game! XD

      • That was literally the only thing i didn’t like about the game was that freakin flag on his arm

  • Capcom has seriously lost it. They aren’t going to get Call of Duty sales numbers because those games appeal to a totally different audience than Resident Evil. All they’re doing is messing that series up, and as the last two games have shown, IMO anyways, they’re going downhill. Not even baby steps back upwards!

    • I will agree that Resident Evil is long past saving but DmC still stands a good chance in my opinion

      • Yes, DmC does. I was thrown off today when I saw it for only 40 bucks used at GameStop. It got really good reviews…

  • While inquiring about DmC, would you mind asking about the ORC sequel? I know a lot of people hated it, but I would really enjoy a sequel to that game. Thanks a bunch! Also, you should find out what’s up with RE7.

    • I completely agree, I think a sequel to ORC would be a very good idea! Whilst the game has it’s problems (mostly technical stuff) I think a sequel made by a english company capcom have worked with before *cough* Ninja Theory *cough* could be great! 😀 And this time IT COULD BE CANON! :O *winks*

      • As long as the ORC sequel isn’t literally 1/2 DLC like the first one was, I’d be alright with that..

        • Yeah! Curse you dlc that was obviously on the disc but they cut out because they want the moneyz! *shakes fist angrily* 🙁

      • As long as they fix the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Okay…. RE7 i can live with, DmC = awesome, but ORC? It literally went against everything RE2 put in place story-wise

  • That Guy

    Capcom Japan Melendez strikes again.

    • YES! ROTFL! XD I think the ‘J’ stands for Juarez or Javier (or as I like to pronounce it… HWAHrez and HWAHvier!)

      • That Guy

        Well I still think the ‘C’ is Carlos or Chris’topher’.

        • 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 🙂 😉 😉 😉 *cough* MAYBE! *cough*

    • <3

  • The new DmC was shallow in every kind of way besides the environmental art direction.
    The gameplay was nothing short of an over-simplified combat engine with a lame Ikaruga-styled “Hit black enemies with black weapons; white enemies with white weapons” to make it a bit more ‘interesting’.
    What’s worse is that Tameem is such a stubborn egoist, that he could do nothing but taunt and tease the original DMC series. How dare someone not give respect to the very franchise they’re rebooting?

    Not many people give a crap about the death of ‘your’ Dante, because the one most people loved died years ago when the IP was carelessly thrown to some narcissistic prick of a development team.

    • To get the full effect of this post, a sad violin playing must accompany it.

    • Soooooo you’re saying you haven’t played the new one then?

      • Fuck off Dick Head. If you like to eat shit and taste shit, that is your problem. Don’t fool around all over the places and try to force people to be as stupid as you.

        No matter how you look at it, no matter how you love it because of your weird ,disgusting,shameless reason, this D”m”C is the insult of human intelligence and the disgrace of gaming industry.

        It is the fact and it bombed, it won’t change no matter how you keep forcing people to do things which makes them sick. So SHUT THE FUCK UP and FUCK OFF!!!

  • Kera

    Silent Hill gets rebooted with Hideo Kojima: Awesome!
    Skullgirls gets five new characters: Fantastic!
    Killer is Dead Screenshots: This is just phenomenal!
    New Alice is approved: Can things get any better?!
    THIS HAPPENS: …..Everything is horrible!

  • alto_angelo

    DmC is average for original IP, but it really a stupid move for the franchise..
    it goes straight backward and remove all the things the franchise invented and of course it’s essence

    i’m really glad DmC failed hard, i’m okay DMC died with it, at least i don’t see it corpse raped and replaced by a wannabe that is nowhere near the old games..

    also NT have a god tier PR department, i give you that. They and gaming journalism has been doing non-stop bashing and insulting old fans of DMC series, “it’s just because of hair color” while ignoring thousand of legit criticism regarding the franchise. Also DmC ends with “Fuck you” to the player..

    • What new DmC game did you play? The one I played was amazing and deserved the title of Devil May Cry

      • alto_angelo

        i think you never played DMC series before, because if you ever played DMC game, you know that DmC is just plain wrong. the gameplay mechanic is heavily removed. let me tell you something. DmC combat is similar to Heavenly’s Sword combat system, basically they just copy paste the heavenly’s sword combat system and call it DmC..

        go watch it, also try DMC3 and 4, just don’t give up when you died a lot since DmC is easy and give out SSS like a candy

  • And nothing of value was lost..

  • Ninja Theory pretty much called the old Dante a gay cowboy. That’s beyond just a “jab” and way into being actively hostile towards the fandom.

  • Ninja theory made an average game, antagonized the people they should of being trying to sell to and as a result it’s failure on every level is something they thoroughly deserve. This is just icing on the cake.

  • i think that DMC5 is a bad idea. hell, after DMC4, i doubt capcom can do any justice to the series

  • DevilGearHill

    Oh my God…))) Ah, I hope DmC rots in hell) It caused me so much misery and now I might have my revenge)

  • When I saw “DmC reboot series probably canned” it made my day. Happy times these are.

  • rem

    I am busy hoping for Phoenix wright collection for 3ds. (I have to play the 3rd game)

  • Shadoe Phillips

    DmC was a pretty good game. Far from perfect, of course, but it certainly gave me my money’s worth. I liked the story too, and the ending left me wanting more. I can only hope Capcom decides to continue with it, because it looked very promising.

  • Shawn

    fuck capcom

  • jerrell chavis

    Hahaha capcom knew they were doing, I knew this crappy game wasn’t gonna sell as promised. Some of you think that this game is great but its actually the worst game in the franchise, so now capcom has no choice but to go back to the drawing board “in house development” . Either they pair up with Team Ninja, Platinum Games or they gonna do it themselves likes they’ve been doing since 2001, take your pick. Now its time for capcom to stop the bleeding and getting the fans back more than ever, you saw what happened to Sven, he’s gone, fired, big boot to the door. I’ll say this, the original Dante will be resurrected once again. His sense of humor, him eating pizza and the real two guns(ebony & ivory) and a sword(rebellion)


  • zaher2

    ENOUGH with i like the reboot already it WAS CLEARLY A B BAD DECISION THE ORIGINAL was waaaay better

  • zaher2

    ENOUGH with i like the reboot already it WAS CLEARLY A B BAD DECISION THE ORIGINAL was waaaay better

  • Dewi Asmawidjaja

    DmC is actually my favorite game. I feel like there’s so much potential for further development. I’m new to the hack-and-slash genre, so getting used to the controls was easy for me. Now I recently finished Son of Sparda, which was a good challenge. There are still 3 modes that I need to finish, and I look forward to it. I had hoped that a DmC 2 would involve trickier combat and more character development. I’m not saying that you’re lying, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a DmC2.

    • Dante1991

      And have you ever played the original episodes? Or at least one of them? I love the new one, but the previous DMC games were much better. If you haven’t tried them yet, i suggest them.;) They are awesome, the older Dante is a f*kin’ badass.

      • Dewi Asmawidjaja

        I have, actually. But I’m afraid that it didn’t really stick with me. In fact, I have played all of them for a bit, until I just… stopped playing…

  • drachehexe

    I haven’t played enough of the DMC seriers to really care. I got the DMC 3 special edition from Steam which is completely Steam can refuse me a refund on a game that doesn’t even work is beyond me.

    I bought Devil May Cry 4 an dplayed it for about an hour and though it was just a notch short of ok. Nothing about it was really memorable.

  • Shadoe Phillips

    If only the original DMC fans would be a little more open minded.

    • Alex Smith

      1.1 million sales on the game. I would say allot of fans was open minded, just not enough to reach Capcom expectations.

  • Joshua Desiré Riley

    I think the best decision Capcom can make regarding the Devil May Cry franchise is bringing back the original series. I mean, sure, the idea of a re-reboot sounds a little extreme, but I think it’s a risk worth taking, the fanbase would be on board with it no doubt, and I think it would sell extremely well. And the best way to guarantee such a game would be a surefire hit, is if Capcom collaborated with Platinum Games to accomplish this…

    • Joshua Desiré Riley

      Not badmouthing the new series or anything, just saying, I think it’d be the best outcome if they plan on keeping the franchise alive, which I really hope they do…

      • Alex Smith

        Keeping what franchise alive. The old dmc was prequel after prequel, we where never going to get a sequel from the old franchise because, frankly, I don’t even think Capcom even knew how to make a continue story out of DMC2 story.

  • Daniel

    Did we really need a skinhead emo as Dante. Plus that they gave us a simplistic gameplay for new players. And on top of that, you kill one of the more memorable hack slash franchise. First megaman and now Dmc, please do not ever reboot street fighters into an american generic fighting game and expect it to sell well. I won´t be mad if you had put a more qualified game studio like Platinum Games to do the reboot.

  • Red Flame Fox

    I loved the new DmC, damn fanboys…

    • Dante1991

      I’ve just played it through for the 3rd time, and it’s still cool. But if Capcom would bring back the original series to us, i could forget this one without any problem..:D Classical Dante for the world!

      • DMC4 was a flop, I don’t think they’ll make another DMC in the future, sadly.

        Anyway, I think the real problem with DmC is the fact that they actually tried to make a Devil May Cry game changing almost everything, disappointing all fans… I think DmC would be successful with another name, it has an awesome gameplay, original plot and a beautiful art direction, sad thing we’ll never see a sequel.

  • luigiix

    Good. Now, get Hideaki Itsuno and his team to work on DMC5 already.

  • The Condor

    The new DMC was a fail. As good as a game as it may have been, it really let the die hard devil may cry fans down. Dante and Vergils design and character personalities were the major letdown

    • Alex Smith

      The only complaints I had with the game was Dante and Vergils personalities. The story wasn’t helping there characters either, Vergil using a gun (WTF), and the back and forth conversation with the brothers was just horrible.

      I loved the gameplay.

  • JaG Mango

    I have to say, that i love to see the old dante again. This new DmC wasn`t bad as a game, it was bad as a DMC. Many fans didn`t like the 4th game, because dante wasn`t the main character. And then they completely destroyed the complete universe and brought us that… “DmC”… wow…

  • Rose

    I was skeptic at first over the reboot but decided after all the hateful fans to give it a try after all people may have expected Dante to look like himself and act all care free. The Ironic thing about the plot however is that it is about Dante fighting a Corrupt government ran none other by demons where as Vergil’s group “The order.” is based on the “Anonymous” group that wears the V for Vendetta masks. I myself thought the plot and the idea of while buying new upgrades and moves you were allowed to test them out. Now, If the older Devil may Cry games had that as an option maybe I would give them as much love and support. There were plot holes which made me question the game until I played Bayonetta FYI same director for the DMC series also created the beloved Umbra Witch and put more into Eva’s story. People claiming to be fans and yet dissing a game because another Game developer was given the contract and wanted to separate themselves from the older franchise tend to be the reason why most sane people try and separate themselves from the “sheep.” First off, I was 16 when I played DMC 1, 2 and 3. I played 4, liked it of course but people will always hate on a game. I myself am one of those people who will read reviews good or bad from others and scoff saying a “says you.” and I’ll play it for myself. It is sad that this game may not be getting a sequel, I am just hoping that they are infact able to do so because I do know that if the older series gets another game it will lack a plot, the demons will be highly annoying and ridiculous like in dmc2 and dmc4. I get that a lot of fans didn’t like the jabs, I actually laughed at them along with well the angered pissed off fans after all there if a quote I like that states “If you can’t make fun of and laugh at your fandom than your hardly a fan.” I didn’t become a fan because of Dante’s looks, I became a fan because of Dante’s personality along with his outlook on situations he is up against. Not just in the older series but in the recent game, I would get pissed if every move I made, everything thing I did and even said was watched and I felt like a prisoner not really being left alone because of my own bloodline. I know that not everyone really thinks the same way or even tries to understand a characters actions or feelings. There are not many people who feel the same way I do and I really could care less, I go for games that not only have a great game play but a great feel to them and NT did pretty well giving the game good game play, a great story line, filling gaps they tried doing their best even with the help of capcom. I myself would have liked to see how the game would have done without the help of capcom.

  • Ravineye

    I played DmC and wasn’t impressed. Got it used because trees I’m an old school Dante fan. Played through the mansion and just didn’t like the play and story progression. It had decent points like the living world. But everything else was just bad to me. Maybe because it was too far off from the books. Imagine if NT made changes this big to The Hobbit or something else that you’re a fan of. It would be a slap to the face. You can’t piss of your fans then poke and prod the wound and expect them to support you.

    Remember these were books before a game.

  • Caleigh Spiby

    I loved the new Dmc game, it was a new twist to dring in new fans, if you put aside your love for the old games and play this you may come to like it. I love the old Dmc games very much and was anoyed when i saw Danta with black hair but i desident to give the game a shot anyway. I do hope they bring out anothere Dmc soon. As for Re6 it was like playing some sort of sucky left for dead or something. With out wesker or the solo fighting slow zombies, it wasn’t scary, it dnt have the RE feel to it. Though i did enjoy, playing it with frends takeing the mick out of how rubish it was. i hope capcom come up with a scaryer RE7

  • shankar

    Dante in dmc is not livin up to the character of a cool demon hunter as compared to the dante who was in dmc 4 a fully cool with a cool height,broad shoulders,white long hair,teasin attitude and
    had an amazin style of attacks,combos etc.The dante who is in dmc now looks like a kid seems like younger brother of nero is back into action.

  • Walter Rezende

    i dont think its sad, ninja theory risked and lost, obviusly the main character is one of the most important parts of a game, why should people have to like it just to satisfy other people who judge them as hatters for having an opinion? people that judge like this is the reason you guys now have trump, guess its time to listen to users instead of doing whatever they whant with the game.
    The worst part is these “judges” that think they know it all, will defend the new dante if a game ever gets anounced, the discussion could kill the series, cause it wont satisfy everyone anymore, and all thanks to ninja theory. If they had release the expected dante, none of this would have happened, at worst it would have been a mediocre game

  • Manuel Martinez

    goood! nah, just kidding guys, I think ninja theory did solid work, the story could be a lot better and the jabs at previous entries could have been far more respectful. But by the end I did recognize the same spirit of dante, albeit a much more inexperience and brash one. perhaps he can be in future games where both realities meet.


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