A wild Silent Hill Revelation commentary appears, the first of a new series

We’re launching a commentary series in which we watch good, bad, and laughable movies for your enjoyment! What’s a commentary, you say? Well, it’s simply a recording of us watching a movie and talking about it in real time. Once we’re done, you can take that recording and watch it along with the movie. It’ll be like we’re in the theater talking too much!

Our first movie commentary is for Silent Hill Revelation 3D, the second Silent Hill film adaptation. If you’re a long time reader, you may know that I think this film is pretty bad. But that hasn’t stopped me from watching the film once again for the launch of this series. We have yet to name this commentary series, so give us some suggestions in the comments!

Listen to the recording for syncing instructions.

Commentators: CJ MelendezWhitney ChavisKyle Campbell, Rourke Keegan

File Size: 57.0 MB
Format: MP3

Listen Now:


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  • zackfurniss

    How about Whispers In The Booth? That way you keep the theme of Whispers in the Dark but imply it’s being held up by the projectors!

  • Whispers in the Scream.

  • Tito

    Great…. Now I have to see this awful movie again D:.
    But overall, glad to see/hear a new series here. Rourke finally got his wish.


  • “There Used to be Audio Here. It’s Gone Now.”

  • Rem

    I can’t believe I am going to watch a awful movie baced on a game series I have not played just for the commentary! how did I become this serious of a fan so fast?

  • Mumbles in the dark?

  • USE POKEBALL! (the title was totally a pokemon reference) Oh wait… CJ I still suggest “Voices in the shadows” or maybe “Murmurs in the darkness” 🙂

    CRAP! Now I have to download the movie or something…(CURSE YOU NO AUSTRALIAN RELEASE!!!!! *shakes fist*)

    YAY! For commentary series! <3 Next up Resident Evil 1?!

  • tccboss11

    I just saw the commentary and I just gotta say, you guys made this way better than if I just watched it by myself. I thought it was funny when you guys said that it would be wrong if someone watched this movie for the first time with this commentary.

  • Manuel Carneiro

    Thumbs up! Great idea to do these kind of commentaries, really awesome to watch it with it 😉 Some nice points you refered.


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