Is Capcom officially out of touch with its fans?

About a year ago, I was pretty excited for the release of Fallout: New Vegas, as I was (and still am) absolutely enamoured with the Fallout universe.  I knew that I didn’t want to miss out on the collector’s edition while it was still relatively inexpensive, so I purchased it alongside a digital copy for Steam.  It came with a bunch of themed items styled after things you’d find in the game.  For instance, poker chips from each of the casinos on the New Vegas strip, a set of playing cards with different characters on it, and a replica of the Platinum Chip from the Lucky 38 that the Courier was carrying.

I don’t have much of a practical use for these items – they’re essentially toys.  Although I did open the package, I’d never use the contents inside, as doing so would decrease their overall value.  But much like physical media in the digital age, there will always be a market for these kinds of things.

They’re something that you can put on display to tell the world how big of a fan you are of a particular subject.  A little piece of gaming history available for purchase for Jimmy and Janey Everygamer.  Not everyone feels this way of course – you either buy and treasure these collector’s editions, or you think they’re a waste of money.

However even the most adamant of collectors had to wonder what was going through Capcom’s mind when they came up with their idea of a ‘premium edition’ for Resident Evil 6.  Obviously, they were trying to offer their fans the opportunity to show just how big of a fan they really are.  The premium edition would include the game itself, probably in a fancy tin, four separate covers for a tablet and a replica of Leon’s in-game jacket.  Admittedly, I was tempted – until I saw the asking price.

I’m a fan, but $1300 is an awfully big bet to place on a horse that might not even place.

I know I’m going to get a lot of “that’s the beauty of capitalism” remarks and saying that if I don’t like it, I shouldn’t buy it.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s a bad buy; like sticking a Neon engine in a Ferrari.  Sure, it still looks nice and all power to the fool that buys it, but it would be a purchase he’d soon regret.

You don’t need to be a math wizard (of which I am not) to figure out that the bulk of that price is going towards Leon’s leather jacket.  Just for laughs however, I broke down the purchase and looked at each promised item individually.

The four tablet covers are more than likely going to be exclusively for the iPad.  How do I know this?  Because to a large portion of the population tablet is synonymous with iPad. There are no other tablets on the market.

Also, it wouldn’t make much sense financially for Capcom to manufacture a bunch of tablet covers for different devices on the off chance that one of the people who purchases the premium edition would have one of those other tablets.

Looking at iPad covers, the most you’d pay for one is over $130 – this isn’t one of those kinds.  It wouldn’t make much sense to take a premium cover and smear Leon’s gorgeous face on the back of it.  The least you’d pay is about $10, but because I have faith in Capcom, let’s say it’s one of the nicer models.  Like this one.  So $20 a pop, that’s $80 for four of them.

Doing the math gives us the answer we expected.  The tablet covers are $80, but game is about $60.  That leaves $1160 for the jacket.  A replica jacket.  A jacket that isn’t even Leon’s most iconic piece of clothing.  A jacket which will lose about 80% of its value as a collectible once you take it out of the box it ships in and about 90% of that value should you ever decide to wear it.

When Capcom was actually selling this jacket, it was only $315

And if your intention was to wear it, why would you?  Other than for cosplay? Do you expect people to look at you and shout “HEY!  It’s Leon from that game!  You know, the one where you shoot Asians!”

Editor’s note: because…you know, a good part of the game is supposed to take place in China…

Is Capcom really that out of touch with its fans?  Not only to offer something that the majority of its fanbase couldn’t possibly afford, but to demand so much for so little?

I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with this asking price if there were some other decent collectibles here.  What Capcom is actually offering in this purchase is a game that might not even be any good and four products which are useless to people who do not own another luxury device.  And an expensive coat.

Where I live, if you took these guns outside, you’d probably get arrested.  Still want ’em.  Include those, Capcom!

The Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Collection, currently exclusive to Japan (…sigh) features Resident Evil 1 – DC, 2, 3, the Revival Selection (REvival?  Includes RE4 and Code Veronica), the Code Veronica Soundtrack, the RE4 Soundtrack and more.  Well more being some pins and stickers.  The retail price?  7800 yen, or $97.  And it includes almost every canon game in the series!  Why not include that for $1300?

There’s a spacer for Resident Evil 5…huh

This isn’t exactly the first time that Capcom has gone a little overboard with licensed collectible products, or even for Resident Evil.  Remember their collection of Airsoft pistols?  They were nice, but they could set you back almost as much as an actual handgun for what was a plastic bb gun (correct me if I’m wrong about the plastic bit).  Microsoft released a red 360 with Resident Evil 5, but it was still a working console.

I’m an advocate of doing whatever the hell you want with your money.  You work hard to get it, so it’s yours to do with whatever you please.  But if you’re really dead-set on picking this up, think about it for a minute.  Who is actually benefiting most from this transaction?  It’s not as if it costs a whole hell of a lot to fashion some gel (or plastic) to make a tablet cover and we’re not sure how well-made the jacket will be just yet.  But it probably isn’t going to be $1160 good.

On closer inspection, those actually look like iPhone cases…PHONE CASES?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!

You’re doing this for the benefit of a company with a proven track record of ripping off dedicated fans like you.  This is a company that in the last year alone has been found guilty of on-disc, day one DLC, data locks, killing off a beloved franchise and (for a long time) releasing the same game over and over and over again.  This is a company that gave us a gigantic middle finger by allowing Operation: Raccoon City to be released in its current state with such sub-par quality control, not only making the game itself look bad, but making the entire series look bad!  Sorry if you’re a fan of the game, but many outlets called the game one of the worst in the entire series, one that tarnishes the RE name.

Last but not least, this is a publisher that has openly stated it would rather go after the Call of Duty gamers than appease the fans that made Resident Evil what it is today.  I would argue that a gradual shift towards action is a necessary evil, but all but stating you’ll be abandoning your core survival horror audience?  That’s cold.

It’s okay to be passionate about the things that you love, but be smart about it.  If you hate Capcom’s practices, don’t pay them more money than they deserve.

If you’re dead-set on getting yourself a coat that resembles Leon’s, try an alternative.  You’ll probably get a better deal and you won’t have to worry about wearing the coat around outside.  Try various cosplay outlets or even Ebay.  You’ll be dealing with someone who is dedicated to their work and passionate about the same things you are.

Not a company that seems hell-bent on screwing its fans over at every opportunity.

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  • Levito

    They’re not out of touch, they just don’t give a fuck about their fans.

    • theinternat

      if they didn’t give a fuck about their fans, they wouldn’t even bother releasing collectors editions.

      • killer89

        More like Dumbass’s Edition.

    • Bakougan

      Yes their new and beloved fans are drones that could be satisfied with any random crap, so why bother to continue taking years and a huge team to develop a great game for us if they can have an easy time with the idiots? thats what crapcom thinks now i used to love them their games were fantastic but now i cant wait to see their end.

  • Guest

    And that’s not starting on Mega Man Legends 3! (I know this is a horror website, but come on, it’s an article about Capcom being out of touch with its fans… and arguably, it is a horror story.)

    No, but seriously, I agree – I don’t know what they were thinking with this. I’d like to know how many of these they’re actually going to make, how many they expect to sell, because I really don’t know who’d be dumb enough to buy it. And publishers do make mistakes! I’m aware of a book series which released a box set of the full series, had to halve its print run, and still only sold half of that.

    Thinking about it, I’d guess this is someone’s smart idea that ran way out of control, and by the time people realised it was no longer affordable or sensible, it was too late to stop it.

  • Rogerscameron

    AGREE 100% Janus!

  • Lana Rosenthal

    Let’s be honest here, Capcom lost touch with it’s fanbase a long time ago. They had a few years where they were doing great, and honestly, I was proud to admit that Capcom pretty much owned my soul for a time. There was the Phoenix Wright series they released with wonderful translations, they had Devil May Cry kicking ass and taking names, they had Resident Evil in a fun and good place (talking about RE4 here.) Regardless, no one could hate them because they gave the fans what they wanted and improved upon their ideas.

    Oh, Phoenix Wright has a decently sized dedicated fanbase? Let’s release them all over here!

    Oh, Devil May Cry fans wants this kind of game to make up for the failure that was the second one? Here’s DMC3!

    Resident Evil losing some of it’s luster? Let’s bring back Leon and make you save the president’s daughter AND you’re dealing with parasites! Take that!

    Regardless of the turns they took, they were doing fine and the fans loved them for it. You had Mega Man 3 on the horizon, a really good interesting Marvel vs. Capcom coming out, the inklings of another DMC. Fans were happy. But at that point, someone decided that keeping the fans happy was not enough, and things took a turn for the worst.

    – Mega Man 3 was canceled
    – DMC 4 was only HALF a game
    – Resident Evil 5 wasn’t survival horror so much as an over-the-shoulder shooter
    – Day 1 DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom WITH promises they wouldn’t be re-releasing it with the extra content
    – No localization for Miles Edgeworth’s Investigations 2
    – DmC becoming a ‘reboot’ of the series with Dante looking NOTHING like Dante so much as a kid on meth
    – MvC re-release with extra content
    – No word on whether Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright being localized DESPITE fan voting for it’s most wanted/interesting game
    – And what you’ve posted above.

    Honestly, I don’t know what made their heart change, but they went from catering to the fans and their wants/needs to throwing it out the window. It’s not that it wasn’t profitable, considering how many people took offense to Mega Man being canceled along with the changes for Devil May Cry. And don’t even get me started on the fans that felt betrayed after the MvC re-release.

    But the idea they would want to charge their fans upwards of $1300 for a jacket? Ridiculous. I could see it being a few hundred, alright, that’s understandable. But unless this is made from the skins of holy priests or something (which would be rather gruesome but hey, congrats on getting away with that) it’s not worth that money. Nothing is really becoming worth anyone’s time when it comes to this company, because they’re becoming just a money machine, much like Square-Enix has become. And I think for that reason, they are going to lose a lot of supporters and suffer greatly until they go back to their roots and start taking care of their fans again.

  • Link_sow

    Capcom do not deserve us anymore… Not after they started to ignore us and ruin the games we loved… After the end of DMC, I’m done with them… I could bear the new RE style, RE4 and RE5 aren’t good FOR ME, but they are playable, you can also make some interesting stuff there, but like they said, now they want CoD fanbase, we are expendable…

    1300 for a game, some minor stuff and a jacked? I can get it all for 1/4 the price… But wait, it is Leon’ jacket! So? Like you guys said, no one will say that I’m Leon, so why care?

    I was planning to get RE ORC for PC now… Not going to do so anymore, neither the Chronicles HD, or anything from Capcom from here on in.

  • Yes they have.

    – They haven’t really made a good game now in 7+ years.
    – The storylines are similar and predictable.
    – They keep piling up good guys never finishing stories or killing them off.
    – They killed off arguably the franchises best character by “default” by a rock slipping from under him even though technically he could have just grabbed onto the rock 10 feet from him with his long arms.

    The game as I have said before reminds me of the TV Show Heroes. They just keep adding more and more heroes with no villains.

    • Wyrmking

      Bitch please. Those are your opinions, stop stating them as facts.

  • AB

    I think it’s more both Capcom and Fans being out of touch with each other.
    Capcom can’t make everyone happy and the games fan like have different people working one them sometimes. Fans are all different some want the same thing other want something new. Some Fans should try not to take some of the things Capcom does to seriously.
    Also most of the people who work for Capcom are video game fans to who also have their own ideas like the rest of us.

    • Link_sow

      Capcom isn’t trying to make their fans happy, they’re trying to get NEW fans…

  • Guy

    Resident evil is becoming an fps just for money, i don’t find it strange that these fuckers will sell a fucking COAT at more than 1000$
    Just look at re2, and then look at operation raccoon city… is that even the same game? NOPE. they’re just abusing the name “resident evil”

    • Wyrmking

      Operation Raccoon City is a FUCKING SPIN-OFF. Stupid bitch, it’s not the first time Capcom did something different with a spin-off. The Survivor games? First Person Shooters. Outbreak? Online multiplayer. Also, if you’re gonna bitch, make sure you do it right. FPS is a first person shooter. Operation Raccoon City is TPS, a third person shooter. You people are fucking annoying.

    • DT

      Well survival-horror is a sub-genre of action-adventure in the first place. And it’s not like Capcom actually made Operation Raccoon City at all. I take the books and movies with a grain of salt too, you know?

      But just to reiterate the point (video games specifically), Resident Evil 2’s game play for instance is more similar to Operation Raccoon City than you may think. Capcom’s idea of having mobs of zombies closing in around every corner in Resident Evil 2 creates a scenario that you’re running for your life to survive, which is a game play aspect not as prominent in the original Resident Evil. The original Resident Evil (the standard for all survival-horror by many fans) in truth was more mysterious than it was terrifying. Resident Evil 2 however, was the latter.

      Many gaming magazines have placed Resident Evil 2 in the same category of “action-horror” (which is virtually just as much of a vapor category of video game as survival-horror, being that it is equally similar to action-adventure as well) as they do Resident Evil 4. Hmm, I wonder why? If it weren’t for the hardware limitations of the 90’s I don’t think Capcom would have even used frozen camera angles! Dare I say much of which this fan base holds so dear as “survival-horror” was not intentional?

      Guys I’m just saying the fans are the ones that are often times misled by their own expectations, which when it comes to Resident Evil more often than not, are expectations way too high. Which is a GOOD thing of course! I’m right there with you, but most Resident Evil games are very very similar just saying.

      Anywhow, the jacket is ridiculously over priced.

  • Fuck you Capcom, for your disc locked content and this shitty game. . What happened to the Capcom we used to know? Which actually made good games like residne evil 1 etc? This isn’t the same Capcom. WIth games like this, I prefer to play the old stuff, seriously.

  • Xander

    To be fair, it is a real leather jacket, and I hear those can get expensive.

    Other than that, though, I do think that Capcom is losing touch with all of their fans, not just RE fans. What they’ve said about the 3 different scenarios in RE6 sounds like the fans of the classic games and new games were kept in mind during development, but we really only have their word to go on at this point. As for releasing unfinished games like ORC, well, that just seems par for the course in this generation.

  • Ariessiren

    get real people,Konami is company to be pissed at. the hd collection was based on beta code. capcom is god compared to them

    • Link_sow

      A god? Well, a death god maybe… Not protecting Konami, they lost their touch aswell… But capcom? They don’t a fuck about the fans anymore… If they did they wouldn’t be trying to swap their fanbase with CoD’ fanbase…

    • Xander

      Konami has just given up. Capcom is the one actively screwing their fans.

      • Ariessiren

        i didnt know a company who evolves with the times, was considered screwing over fans. its natural to make things bigger and better. what do you want the same old re 1-3 over and over again? than youd bitch about how it needs to evolve. you guys arent happy with shit

  • Ariessiren

    that jacket is HOT

  • Silent Evil

    Almost every game developer that was worth its salt has lost touch with its fanbase. Capcom, Konami, SquareEnix, Activision, EA, BioWare, Rockstar, UbiSoft, Bethesda only care about the almighty dollar. None of these companies have released any new or innovative games for the past 5 to 7 years. All they have done was improve graphic fidelity. The bigger the studios the less they care about the people who buy their products.

    I’ll take Atlus, Level-5, Vanillaware, Quantic Dream, Grasshopper, Monolith Soft, From Software, and good old Nintendo to bring the love.

    • Link_sow

      And Blizzard still there, making what the fans want, it may take a decade… but they do.

      • DT

        Ew Blizzard is the worst of them all I think, re-hashing the same stuff to millions and millions of monthly subscribers for a very high premium for what is practically the same games since the company started.

        And just like Resident Evil fans, they all keep coming back no matter how many times their servers go down, or their druids get nerfed! 🙂

    • Zac Brazendale

      Nintendo innovative?! Besides Activision and EA are publishers not developers. Anyway alot of people don’t like major change even if it is more successful. Rockstar is paying attention to its fans a revisit to San Andreas with hints of Planes, both of which have been desperately wanted by fans and Rockstar produces some of the best stories in gaming.

  • Mickeyoo

    RE6 premium edition costs $1300 …and it only contains 4 iPad cases (that looks like phone cases) + the RE6 CD and LEON’s leather jacket… is it worth it?? i think they should include a REAL ZOMBIE inside… and yeah it’s WORTH IT .. 😀

  • Andrew Simmons90

    Capcom destroyed the franchise after 4. I didnt like 4 because Leon had little personality and it was a total unfathomable transition from his character in RE2. To be honest, Capcom westernised their games.

    The franchise dipped massively with 5, and with 6 for me, its going even further. Leon’s scenario looks good, but when youve got the full TPS scenario with cover systems for Chris, and then we have a confirmed Melee Brawler for Jake/Sherry, let alone taking inspiration from the films with Cloning Ada, its the final line.

    Pre RE4 to me, is RE. The games were perfect. I wasn’t jumping out of two storey windows, slow motion 360 camera’s panning me as a helicopter took out a load of ganando’s, no jet skii driving or trying to be witty remarks.

    What made RE to me was ordinary police and civillians in an extraordinary situation. As a Kid I used to think RE3 could happen in my town. You’d walk past resturants, tram area’s. What I loved was the pre-rendered background. They told a story. Environments dont tell anything in RE anymore. Gone are the blood stained walls, the planks of wood hastily put against windows with holes in where they were unsuccesful in holding back zombies. Gone are the dead US army soldiers who were at the Hospital, wiped out with the Doctors by the Hunter’s. Why were they there, they werent UBCS, its the only time we saw US army aside from at the Dead Factory.

    RE Outbreak, played awkward, but it had fantastic stories and scenarios. It took you to the places where you can go in your own town or city. Everytime I walk my dog in the forest, I think of The Flashback scenario.

    The new games are so characterless. They dont speak or tell a story. The original RE games, you learnt the story with the Character. You werent playing as claire/jill Chris/Leon, you WERE them. When they discovered something, you discovered it. When Chris’ suspicions were raised about Wesker, your suspicions were raised. You didnt suspect anything until the Character did. Same with Jill and Barry, Jill and Nicholai, Leon and Ada. You WERE the character in the game.

    Its a shame, because RE was genuinely the best series of gaming up until RE4. So special editions or not, im not bothered anymore. I bought my games the first time round. No amount of extra content or special boxes will ever sell it to me after the principle of what Capcom has done to me, as a long supporting fan and day 1 buyer of every game, from RE1-survivor, CVX to Outbreaks and Dead Aim, REmake-CVX on gamecube…… No. You’ve crapped on me far too much.

    • DIP

      i stopped reading after this paragraph:

      Capcom destroyed the franchise after 4. I didnt like 4 because Leon had little personality and it was a total unfathomable transition from his character in RE2.

      You clearly CLEARLY never played RE4. Just fucking LOL!

      • Bakougan

        Leon was a legend in RE2 and crapcom ridicularized him in RE4 by transforming him in a babysitter for ashley and a marvel superhero who could take out gigantic creatures and whatnot, you’re dumb and dont know this franchise shut up.

  • Jawmuncher

    Capcom needs a change in command.
    Someone up there just isn’t very smart when it comes to what fans wants.
    In the end sure it’s a business for cash, but considering capcom had so much respect because they listened to their fan community than did a 180 on it, it makes you wonder what they’re thinking sometimes.

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      It is true that they make mistakes but doesn´t mean that they don´t do anything to fix things.Pretty much Capcom is alright toward some other companies.

      • DEVILMAN

        Yhea they try to fix theyr mistakes by re-releasing the same game twice or 3 times with a couple of extra characters

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    The airsoft pistols are plastic cuz they are not allowed to produce full metal replicas in Japan .Got the SE Barry 15th Anniversary model and i intend to get more in the future.But those who would like it to be full metal just get a WE copy of it which is cheaper and full metal(They started with the biohazard line not so long ago offering the standard SE in 3 versions,black,silver and 2-tone),they will soon release the Barry model aswell(lets hope they do Weskers model)

  • windice

    i must agree that capcom is rip off artist wich is why i didnt buy street fighter vs tekken. they were nice enough to deliver with resident evil revelations but chrises part play like a complete and utter shooting game seems like a slap to the face. like oh well lets just go all the way now. not to mention wesker sun and sherry is mainly going to be using there fist. only hope is leon part and i have a bad feeling the horror for him will only last a short wile till he get to china.

  • I laugh when I see people say 4 wasn’t as bad as 5. Yes, for an RE game, it was.

    • Link_sow

      Both weren’t good. But RE4 was more acceptable, RE5… Crap… RE4… Play if you want, but it still not a true RE…

      • Idk. I loved RE4 and consider it part of the real series. As far as RE5 goes, it is not part of the series at all and should be forgotten.

        • Bakougan

          How you could possibly consider RE4 as part of the franchise if it discarted the survival horror and the canon storyline of the previous games?? it was thanks to RE4 that all kinds of nonsense popped up and dominated the franchise like the parasitic organisms and its hosts who behaved like aliens not to mention the action oriented gameplay and other crap.

  • Janus thank you ! now i feel happy and relaxed , Capcom are A$$ Holes/Whores indeed !

  • It should come with a resident evil Ipad for that price. i mean, you get the covers of your choice, an custom ipad, jacket, game, some other goodies.

    either way, i hardly want to buy new games at $60 since they all seem to suck, why would anyone spend $1300…

  • Ariessiren

    i love capcom i want them to alienate you guys even more. i wouldnt want whiny fans as my future consumers. annoying. id want people who love change to buy my product, not people who live in the past and hate change and think i owe them something. trust me, capcom would tell you to eat shit if they could but they cant. dont play them if you dont like them, they are awesome games. while your replaying re 1-4 the rest of us will be playing the latest, biggest and greatest… RE6. haha

    • theinternat

      yes yes and yes! i’m so glad there are other people out there who are excited about change and not wasting time being total downers.

      • Ariessiren

        totally. gaming evolves all the time, not stay stuck in the psone horror days. re4 and 5 sold millions, with 5 being the biggest seller in the series. they arent going to go broke for you. theres more new re fans than their are old ones. its business, get on board or go play re2 again

        • Let_Me_Live

          The only reason RE5 sold well was because fans of RE4 and the older games bought it expecting something even better, but were let down. Those figures remain, regardless of people selling their copies on ebay or trading them in.

    • Guest

      “love change” = “love giving me lots and lots of money for some gimmick”

      • theinternat

        i think she was talking about the game itself, not the jacket idea. if you don’t like the jacket idea here’s an idea: DON’T BUY IT.

      • Ariessiren

        welcome to a place called “the world”. thats how it works everywhere honey.

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      True as it doesn´t make sense for the series not to evolve,i love the gameplay of the games now but doesn´t mean that they won´t be horror enough like the past ones.Still the old style concept can be put in use for sequel games(Outbreak File 3#) and remakes(RE2 and RE3)

  • Blushing

    I’d rather have Steve’s gold Lugers than that ugly jacket any day 🙂

    • Faerian

      Same, I just need to figure out where to hang it 🙂

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      Well that golden lugers may turn out even more expensive than the jacket itself as its a rare collectors piece which was on sale many years ago.By the way the lugers are plastic and springer(which is the lowest category for airsoft pistols).But the fact that you can by the relief for them and put em on is awesome.Tought would love to see WE make full-metal replicas as WE already has standard luger models.
      But still the jacket somewhat could go with the price if all top up quality and long-lasting(about 50years lol)

  • Andrew Simmons90

    An easy way to explain how RE should’ve changed;

    RE4 playing perspective and movement. its perfect and better than tanking.
    Make a story where Umbrella can skip the initial infection period and skip straight to V-ACT, meaning Crimson heads replace zombies.

    REmake, RE4 style, with more fluency in controls, a little less key finding, a little more shoot some doors down, job done for me.

    RE2, RE4 style. Perfect. RE3 with RE4 style; Perfect.

    instead, they improve gameplay at the expense of story, environment, atmosphere and characterisation. Thats what alot of us have a gripe with. Capcom has westernised the franchise, made it action adventure, total loss of any unique environments and atmosphere, murdered the characters.

    Dead Space 1 and 2 to me, are superb, they encase survival horror with 1, and action horror with 2. DS2 had a perfect balance of atmosphere, environement, story, charactersiation with action. Why cant Capcom do that? You telling me EA are actually better at capcom on their own turf!?

    And for the record, I loved Downpour and Homecoming, I dont think Konami has sold out on SH. Sold out on MGS like.

  • Themajor91286

    I can’t believe people are actually making a big stink over changed game play, I mean seriously ??? Lets be honest for a minute here, If the RE series would still the same way over and over again it would get boring after a while. And let face it, There is no game out there that has kept the same game play formula over and over again… Well, except for Tetris and Pac-Man.

    The bottom line is this, The Video Game industry is a forever changing market and as technology advances so does the game play. People would have to be very closed minded to think otherwise.

  • Katarokinimoto

    I have a decent amount of knowledge concerning leather jackets, owning several and in general just liking the style. if the picture you put up is the jacket capcom’s offering it looks to me like a poorly made pleather knock off of the real jacket. Leon’s jacket is a brown WWII b-2 leather bomber jacket, search it on ebay and you can get a real one for like $600 maybe less. Harder than finding a good price is actually finding leon’s variation with the white lambskin. Shame shame capcom… I really hope no one is actually going to go for that collector package, it won’t be useful in the practical sense of wearing it and I doubt it will gain any collector’s value over time if RE6 flops.

    • Katarokinimoto

      amending what I said, his jacket was a bomber in RE4, the one he’s wearing in six looks like a way cheaper pleather one I actually own.
      It only cost about 50 bucks

  • Thefallen_91

    Allot of people talking about the gameplay elements of the series in response to this which baffles me as it has to evolve. The serious part tho I don’t understand why they would release such a pathetic excuse for a collectors addition at such a high price. It’s not exactly rocket science they could easily put in some of the bottle cap figurines, a b.s.a.a badge, a virus container hell they could of even put a 100 page novella in that links things up, but a leather jacket that you could probably fined on eBay for a fraction of the price is beyond me it would Of been more fun to put a s.t.a.r.s jacket in or a rcpd jacket in give a retro nudge


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