Resident Evil 9 Facing Internal Delays at Capcom

Resident Evil 9 AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, an insider known for their track record of leaking details about major horror games, shared on their Discord that Resident Evil 9 might be experiencing internal delays, potentially pushing back its rumored 2025 release date.

However, this isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm, as Dusk Golem highlights that internal delays during the development of Resident Evil titles are not uncommon. No specific reasons were provided for the potential delay.

Whispers suggest Capcom may prioritize another Resident Evil title for release ahead of Resident Evil 9. However, Dusk Golem clarifies they need more solid sources to confirm this information.

In a previous statement, Dusk Golem indicated that Resident Evil 9 was likely to follow the successful formula of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and adopt an open-world format. Considering the proximity in production timelines between Monster Hunter Wilds and these games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them sharing concepts and strategies, reminiscent of when Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 remake, and Devil May Cry 5 were greenlit around the same time to leverage the emerging RE Engine.

Capcom recently announced its intention to continue remaking Resident Evil games following the overwhelming success of its previous remakes. While the next game slated for a remake hasn’t been disclosed, fans are divided between clamoring for a remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica or Resident Evil 5.


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