New Reports Suggest Resident Evil 9 Not Delayed; Should be Revealed Soon

Resident Evil 9

Last week we reported on news about the development of the upcoming Resident Evil 9. The same source, AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, has posted updated info via Twitter on the game and its release window.

The latest reports suggest that RE9 may be revealed soon and released in 2025. If the news in the previous reports holds true, the game should release next January. RE9 was in development during the same time as RE8 and has had roughly seven years in development.

Dusk Golem also reiterated that RE9 has the biggest budget & longest dev time of any Resident Evil game to date.

You can view the full tweet below.

If Resident Evil 9 is all it is rumored to be, it should be one spectacular game. We’ll keep you posted once more concrete details are nailed down and the game is officially announced.

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