Whispers in the Dark Podcast records this weekend, get those questions in

Hey, folks. It’s that time again! What time? Time to ask us some questions for our bi-weekly podcast which records this weekend! We’re giving you the opportunity to interact with us. US!

All you scamps have to do is leave your question in the comments below, and we’ll answer them at the end of this weekend’s show. Oh my!

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  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    I’ve recently watched the Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist series and I have to say that it was the best video-game adaption to date not even the first Silent Hill movie could compete with it. When I was done with the whole series I couldn’t help but wonder why big budget Hollywood movies continue to fail to translate to the big screen.

    From what I’ve seen, sticking to the source material is not bad thing and this is a fighting video-game which was made on a budget of two million dollars if I’m not mistaken.

    My question is:

    Do think that Independent movie makers, who are really passionate about whatever games they love, would finally bring video-games movie adaption to the mainstream media?

  • franky mcdonald

    (get you crystal ball out) Do you foresee the next Dark Souls going the way of Metro Last Light? charging extra, for difficulty.(like ranger mode)

  • Noctis

    To all: In general what is one thing you hate about gaming nowadays and one thing you love.
    To Whitney: Are you planning any new podcast episodes in SHHS?
    Thanks guys!

  • I’m finally all caught up with the show. I love it.

    So, my first question is about Deadly Premonition. We all know that the original idea for Deadly Premonition had no combat in it, but that the publisher pushed the dev team to include it. Knowing what DP’s story is and how it ties into the existence of the things you fight, do you think that the story would have been different without the combat mechanics? What could you speculate, unless you don’t want to spoil, the story could have turned out to be before the shift towards combat?

  • Whitney Chavis

    What movie are you talking about in the subheading of these post?

  • Guest

    First of all, hello everyone! My name is Muhammed (AKA Max) I’m a big fan of your show. I don’t know why I have not commented more often here but I want to say hi and thank you so much for your podcast, its really is enjoyable to listen to it during my free time.

    First question:

    Have you guys ever watched an anime named Vampire Hunter D: BloodLust? It’s a 2nd movie adaptation of the novel series of the same name. I think I heard you guys mention it before but don’t remember hearing your thoughts about it. I really would love to hear your thoughts and be honest!

    Second qeastion:

    Were’s Rourke? Its been a while since we last heard his voice.


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