100-Minute Long-Play: Silent Hill Downpour

Warning- This video will contain spoilers for the first third of the game

We’re still playing around with the idea to show a variety of horror games in-depth with these hundred-minute type of videos. We’re still looking for feedback on what can be changed about these. Should we take more time to look at the game in-depth, should we include commentary? Anything we should add or take away from the concept?

GAME: Silent Hill Downpour (Xbox 360 Version)

SYNOPSIS: Having been behind bars for years, and receiving an extended sentence once already, Murphy Pendleton has become a liability during his stay at Ryall State Prison. Due to his storied past at Ryall, he is being transferred to Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary. During his trip to his new gray-bar home, your bus is involved in a horrific accident. Once the twisted carnage of your prison transport bus comes to a stop, you are able to assess the situation. You find yourself stranded in the foggy woods near the town of Silent Hill. Knowing that this may be his one shot at freedom, Murphy sets off to explore the desolate town. Despite the town seeming vast and empty, he can’t help but feel claustrophobic and that someone — or some thing — is watching him.

Take on the role of Murphy Pendleton, who finds himself alone and lost in the woods outside the lonely town. Explore the all-new environment that is expansive while feeling claustrophobic at the same time. Experience the bone-chilling terror of Silent Hill with vivid and spectacular visuals that are powered by Unreal 3 technology, bringing the town of Silent Hill, its characters, creatures and horrific world to life. Freely roam, explore the town and venture into all-new side quests that unlock new areas, special items and bonus content. Immerse yourself in the terror with an ever-changing game world that includes a day and night Normal world and an Otherworld world that are created from your actions during the gameplay. Understand that you are never truly alone in Silent Hill.



VIDEO NOTES: Silent Hill Downpour gets a lot of flak for some of its faults. While editing this video information, I was amused to find that our score and the metacritic average were exactly the same as Deadly Premonition’s. What I can say is that I and the rest of the RoH team loved the game. It’s a bit old-school in its design, and it has technical imperfections, but it’s the first real ‘modern’ old-school horror game of this generation. I originally was going for a no-kill run, but along the way I did accidentally kill an enemy in the mines so I decided to just screw that idea. On one side, I’m a bit saddened to skip so much detail in the game (even though I surprisingly do manage to fit in a lot of the optional scares in the mines), but towards the end of the run I wanted to see if I could fit in the Centennial Building Garage before we ran out of time (and I somehow managed to get to the very beginning of the Library before time ran out), but I had to skip over so much of the exploration element; all the side-quests, optional areas. I also spent more time than I would of desired at the gun puzzle in Devil’s Pitstop, but I got it done and over with. I hope this game becomes a cult classic as while it may not strictly be the best Silent Hill game, it is a pretty well-done horror game.

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