Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 3 - Rely on Horror

Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3


We’re back one again with another episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Does Episode 3: Judgement continue the momentum built by the previous two installments? Or does it falter and fail to follow up on that amazing cliffhanger from last week? Keep reading to find out!

Episode 3 does a great job in further unraveling the mystery behind the events of the game, while also developing our characters nicely. Claire gets to experience something that is as unfortunate and ironic as her waking up in a prison again. But said moment lacked a strong emotional punch because the other character it involved just wasn’t all that fleshed out. Had he/she (won’t spoil!) been, then I would’ve felt even worse for Claire. But, hey, at least it leads to one hell of an amazing boss battle!

Barry also gets some great character moments. The most notable one being early on in his scenario where he’s giving Natalia a piggyback ride, talking to her about his relationship with his own daughter. This conversation also ends up holding its own revelation, one that relates to Moira’s decision to not use firearms. Though the cliffhanger this week wasn’t as jaw-dropping as the last one, both Claire and Barry’s scenarios still end in a pretty intriguing manner, setting up what’s sure to be a crazy finale next week.


But now let’s talk gameplay. Episode 3 comes packed with some great, classic Resident Evil moments that range from not only a certain type of traditional enemy encounter, but also a few puzzles to solve. Most of the puzzles take place in Claire’s scenario, which also has her searching for keys in classic Resident Evil fashion. This takes place mostly in an abandoned factory and a gore-ridden food processing plant. While nowhere near the greatness of the series’ best puzzles, the ones found here are still well implemented, with a standout one focusing entirely on Moira and her flashlight. Barry and Natalia also get their own environmental puzzles to solve throughout their time in the sewers and in a rather large mining area. The latter area has a pretty neat one that’s old-school by involving the movement of a box around to various points in the area. It’s more exciting than it sounds, trust me, especially with the enemies you’re confronted with as you’re performing said task.

Stealth plays a larger role in this episode, and the mechanic continues to be a satisfying one to use. And those invisible Glasp monsters are still pretty damn terrifying. And this time they’re surrounded by walking corpses, making the act of dodging them even more complicated. There’s also one big set piece moment in this episode that’s worth noting. It involves Claire and Moira escaping from a burning structure. Cooperation is key here, as one character is tasked with shutting down valves while the other proceeds onwards. And, of course, enemies are there to make your life even harder.

The penultimate episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is another great experience, providing the right amount of horror and tension while also being extremely replayable. And as I’ve said for the past couple of weeks, Raid Mode continues to be an addiction. This time Chris Redfield joins the fun!

Now it’s all down to the big finale next week. Let’s hope Capcom is able to deliver a satisfying and memorable conclusion to what has so far been a very great installment in the series.

We won’t give an actual score until the final episode is released next week.

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