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Review: Heavy Rain – The Taxidermist DLC

I spent more time downloading The Taxidermist than I actually spent playing it.  This exclusive DLC was handed out with pre-orders of Heavy Rain.  Being in North America, I had to wait until March 4th to get it, and I’m kinda glad it was free.

But at a suggested retail value of $4.99, I’m wondering what future DLC releases will show us.  The Taxidermist is only Chronicle One–here’s hoping that there’s a Chronicle Two and Three.

Even though The Taxidermist is short, it has a bit of a replay value.  It apparently can end in one of several possible ways (to me there’s only two ways, dead or alive, really).  I haven’t found any trophies yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any.  You can also extend the play-time by deliberately choosing the wrong path, although…it’s not exactly recommended.

Edit: on my second playthrough, I deliberately chose the wrong path several times.  Recommended!

As the title suggests, Madison is looking for clues on who the Origami Killer is.  This leads her to a rather creative and derranged fellow known as “The Taxidermist.”  She rolls up outside his house, but of course he’s not home.  But if it ended there, that would make for a pretty boring game, right?

You don’t get to play this part, sadly.

Madison’s voice somehow sounds different in the DLC–she’s voiced by a different actress.  However Sam Douglas, voice of Scott Shelby shows up to lend his voice for the role of the Taxidermist (this guy’s voice will haunt my dreams for LIFE!).  Both of the characters suffer through some pretty horrendous dialogue, which probably should have been run through a translator with their mind halfway in the gutter.  Seriously guys, you’re marketing to mostly young-adults, you have to realize that “I want to mount you” is going to be taken mostly the wrong way.

You’ll Like:

  • Plays and looks identical to Heavy Rain
  • Was free if you pre-ordered as a bonus
  • Interesting set pieces and characters
  • Unintended comedic value

You’ll Hate:

  • VERY short
  • Limited replay value


While The Taxidermist doesn’t add a stellar amount to the Heavy Rain story, it makes for a nice little level that delves into the backstory of Madison Paige as she drops by on her friendly neighbour hood serial killer.

Overall Rating 7/10


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