Proto-Licker / Licker


In extreme circumstances a Crimson Head can mutate into a Licker naturally, usually caused by exposure to high concentrations of the T-virus over long periods of time. This is extremely rare, as very few Crimson Heads survive long enough to incubate the virus for the amount of time required. Only once has this event ever occurred, during the Raccoon City incident. The subject’s skin turns bright crimson and the trademark tongue begins to develop. The claws also develop further. It is more resistant to small arms fire than the artificially created Lickers but it is still no stronger than most Hunters.


This BOW can be created artificially by directly injecting a zombie with the T-virus. This can also occur naturally when a Proto-Licker is continuously exposed to the T-virus. This BOW is almost reptilian in appearance. It features an overdeveloped tongue that is capable of piercing a man’s torso. Its claws are extremely sharp and can slice a man’s throat open with surprising ease. Powerful guns or explosives are recommended when killing one. They have been sighted in Raccoon City and Sheena Island. Unfortunately this BOW has some inherent weaknesses. It navigates using its extremely sensitive hearing due to the fact that it is blind. Whilst this serves the creature quite well, targets can avoid it simply by standing still and waiting for the creature to move out of earshot. It also has an exposed cerebellum making it relatively easy to kill. But this BOW is extremely agile and, unlike the Hunter, can climb walls giving it an advantage over most targets. Despite handling itself quite well in the Raccoon City incident, and wiping out most of the local police department, research on this BOW was abandoned in favour of the Hunter.

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