Cleaner / Cleaner Leader


These are genetically enhanced soldiers used by Umbrella when containing fallout from any viral outbreaks. They are resistant to the T-virus and are ideal when missions are required to take place in contaminated areas. Their enlarged upper bodies give them increased strength and agility, although this has had the effect of reducing their intelligence. Armed with MP5K sub-machine guns, they obey orders without question. A platoon of these BOWs were used when containing the outbreak on Sheena Island. It is interesting to note that like Chimeras, their bodies break down as soon as death occurs leaving no trace.

Cleaner Leader

This BOW is similar to regular Cleaners except he sports night-vision goggles giving him a clear view of the battlefield. It is his job to direct the Cleaners in battle. Although much more rare this BOW is far more intelligent, retaining much of its original mind.

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