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ZombiU advertisement falls in bad taste

No, the above image is not a piece from my personal collection, but rather something much more controversial. This is Ubisoft’s latest advertisement campaign for ZombiU, which, as you can all see, features a seductive woman and her slightly decayed counterpart. It won’t come as a surprise to all of you that this campaign was met with plenty of criticism, seeing as how we find ourselves in an industry that is in the process of abandoning its male-only club attitude.

The gist of this poster is relatively simple. One side shows the woman with the lines “She’s got a body to die for” and “Wanna see it?”, challenging aroused readers to flip the page. The other side has the zombie on it with some general information and the line “We did warn you”. Haha, my sides…

I personally reviewed ZombiU on this website already and liked it a lot, but this advertisement does piss me off a little. It has very little to do with the game, doesn’t have the same tone and could confuse potential buyers, so… why make it? “Sex sells” is a line that comes to mind, but this would sooner appeal to a teenager than the 18+ audience this game is recommended for. The other possibility is that this move was made intentionally, seeing as how controversy puts a game into the spotlight and reminds people that it’s still out there (which means I am now doing Ubisoft’s job for them).

Did Ubisoft go too far this time or will this whole thing just blow over? I am putting my money on the latter, since it was only by dumb luck that I even got across this information. That all depends on the people, though, so let us know how you feel about this fiasco.


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