Zombie Army Trilogy Soldiers Onto Nintendo Switch This Month - Rely on Horror

Zombie Army Trilogy Soldiers Onto Nintendo Switch This Month

Zombie Army Trilogy
After being announced in January, with no release date supplied at that time, developer Rebellion has just confirmed that their fan-favorite pulp horror shooter game Zombie Army Trilogy will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 31st. Switch players will now be able to play with their friends and get headshots on the go while also joining over 4 million other players for the first time on a Nintendo platform.

Rebellion confirmed that the Switch version of Zombie Army Trilogy will come with all the content that was previously released on other consoles, including all three full-length story campaigns and an intense Horde Mode, which will be available either in singleplayer or in drop-in, drop-out co-op for up to 4 players. The Switch version will also be offering some brand new features, including local wireless co-op, motion controls and HD Rumble support, as well as utilizing the Switch’s new friend invite system.

Both digital and physical releases are planned for the game, with the physical edition listed at $39.99. There’s no official word on the cost of the digital copy yet or if it will be any different in price than the physical edition.

You can watch the release date trailer to see the game in action as well as view a number of new screenshots for the Switch version below.

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