You Aren't Alone In Home Sweet Home - Rely on Horror

You Aren’t Alone In Home Sweet Home


We’ve known that VR was going to belong to horror since its debut. What we didn’t know was that an army of indie teams would take to the technology so swiftly, offering stunning new takes on horror to our bored masses. Enter Thai developer YGGDRAZIL, with their upcoming first-person VR horror title Home Sweet Home. Players wander the halls of a seemingly empty house, but others are lurking in the darkness. The ghastly denizens of Thai folklore dance through these halls, and they’re thrilled to have fresh company.

Home Sweet Home is the story of Tim, whose wife recently disappeared. He hasn’t quite felt himself since she vanished, and now he’s awakened in an unknown place. He needs to find out where he is and why he’s trapped here before the vicious female spirit in the house can find him. He’s searching for a link to his missing wife, but this is definitely not their once-happy home.

YGGDRAZIL has released both a trailer and a demo to show players exactly what they’re up against. The demo will work for both Oculus VR and non-VR PC players, and is available on the game’s official Facebook page. The team expects to release Home Sweet Home in mid-2017 with VR support on the Oculus Rift. Until then, they are keeping fans interested with regular posting of interviews, concept art, and game screens.

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