New SCORN Trailer Drops a Leaky Load of Footage

XBOX 20/20: New SCORN Trailer Drops a Leaky Load of Footage

Scorn Trailer

Ebb Software’s long-awaited SCORN, a horror game inspired by the artistic works of H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, is still pulsating chugging along in development, as today we’ve received a brand new trailer courtesy of the Inside Xbox livestream. If you’ve been waiting for a horror game that’s just as squishy as it is scary, this might be the one for you.

The latest SCORN trailer gives us a look at what developer Ebb Software has accomplished since the game’s original announcement (which we broke exclusively) in 2014. With a Kickstarter and support from various publishers, including Kowloon Nights and Humble Bundle, SCORN as it is today is said to finally be the game that Lead Designer Ljubomir Peklar had in mind to create. The trailer shows of various locations and meaty mechanisms. The game world appears to be entirely organic in nature, with the environments and machines composed of bone, sinew, and blood. The player character interacts with the world using odd appendages and fluid transfers. It’s wonderfully gross.

SCORN does not yet have a release date, but the game is confirmed for release on Windows PC (via Steam, the Windows Store, and GOG) and Xbox Series X. According to today’s Kickstarter update, Ebb Software says their partnership with Microsoft has allowed them to reach a targeted 4K resolution at 60fps. In the Kickstarter update, the developer also addressed their sporadic communication with backers, recognizing concerns but promising that completion of the game is of utmost importance.

We’ve waited a long time for SCORN, but it seems that its developer have the rare opportunity to create a game without compromises. The wait will hopefully be worth it.

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