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World War Z: The Undead Sea Update Live Now

I’m still pretty surprised by how fun World War Z is. The game, which is based on the 2013 film of the same name, was something of a sleeper hit a few months ago, making waves mostly because it was basically a new Left 4 Dead, just without the branding. Since then, developer Saber Interactive has been hard at work on the game’s first season of downloadable content, which is all free (a price I’m always up for unless it’s like… a disease or something). WWZ‘s first update, The Undead Sea, is now live!

This is the update that was meant to release in May but was delayed for a few days (since it’s… you know, June now). Although, I did speculate before that the Tokyo mission set that launched with the game was meant to be part of WWZ‘s first season, and the third mission (which is the Cruise Control level, hence the name of the update) was left out to include as DLC. There is more content on the way, which was announced previously for June, so in theory, that’s still on track? The patch notes indicate that, along with the third Tokyo mission and the new infected type being included, the update also adds a FOV and animation quality slider. Outside of that, general balancing and QOA adjustments have been made, you can read the full patch notes here.

Overall, it’s great to see that WWZ is still receiving active support (especially in the wake of so many other games going the way of the Dodo after only a few months). I’m not too hype for season one of the game, as it’s mostly just skins and a new challenge mode, but it does make me hopeful for what’s after that. There’s still a lotta world to explore in WWZ, and I’d be curious to see where we travel to next. There’s a ton of space on the chapter select screen, so who knows how much content is in the works for this game. I’m hoping at least another year, but I suppose that depends on our own vested interest in the game as well. We’ll keep you updated either way, of course.

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