White Day: A Labyrinth Named School coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR


As expected, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea’s Press Conference has shown off a couple of games in development for the Playstation 4. One of them however might make some horror fans happy as it happens to be a remake of the 2001 cult classic, White Day: A Labryinth Named School from developer, Roi Games. This first impression looks like quite the graphical facelift, while still staying true to the character designs of the original. While announced earlier in October for mobile devices, this is first word of it being on a Sony console with support for Playstation VR to boot.

Being abandonware, the original game is legally free and a translated version can be downloaded on IndieDB.

As for the new game, you can check out the site (in Korean) and some cam-rip footage of the iPhone version here. No word of a Western release has been announced yet.

YouTube video

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