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When They Cry universe expands even further with new manga project by Ryukishi07


2015 continues to be a busy year for fans of Ryukishi07’s When They Cry universe, but it looks like this trend will continue in 2016. Not only did we recently share the news that the anime re-release of Higurashi is closer than expected, but it also looks like lead writer Ryukishi07 has a new side-story up his sleeve.

A pilot chapter was released in the February issue of the popular magazine “Manga Action” and it has now been announced that a full adaptation will follow next year. While information is currently sparse, it seems to be part of the sprawling storyline of Umineko. According to the “Sea of Fragments” blog the story is a challenge between Bernkastel and Lambadelta that takes place in a parallel world. The line “Ah this is nostalgic. The stage of this is the Japanese countryside. Reminds me of Hinamizawa.” is interesting and might hint at a return to the simpler days before the universe got really complicated with Umineko‘s many additions.

Sea of Fragments also reports that Higurashi‘s town nurse Miyo Takano will feature prominently in this new story and ANN (sourced below) states that art will be provided by the horror artist Nokuto Koike. Personally, I have yet to really catch up with Umineko‘s storyline beyond what was portrayed in the anime, so I’ll have to wait til the visual novels are released on Steam to figure out the finer details of all this.


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