What’s Going on with the Dead Space 2 Remake?

Dead Space 2Since the release of the phenomenal Dead Space remake last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement from EA about a possible remake for its sequel. Unfortunately, that may not be such a sure thing, as recent reports suggest that EA has canceled plans for a Dead Space 2 remake, citing lackluster sales of the first game’s remake.

Industry insider Jeff Grubb, who previously reported on the original Dead Space remake before its official announcement, recently said on his Game Mess Mornings show that EA Motive was working on concepts for Dead Space 2, but that work was ultimately scrapped. Instead, the developer has shifted focus to Iron Man and Battlefield Universe.

EA later responded to the rumor, stating “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story.” It’s important to note that EA never reported any sales numbers for the Dead Space remake, even though IGN listed it as the best-selling new game in the US in January 2023.

During an interview with British GQ that same month, Phil Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, the senior and creative directors at Motive Studio, expressed their interest in exploring Dead Space further, stating “There are ideas, that’s for sure.” Plans seem to have changed since then, as last week, EA announced that Motive is forming a new team that includes Ducharme and Campos-Oriola that will “support single-player and multiplayer objectives for Battlefield Universe.” Motive is also working on an Iron Man title, stating that it “remains an important priority” for the developer. Neither game has a release date as of this article’s publication.

EA’s response to rumors of the cancellation of a Dead Space 2 remake is a little unusual since the publisher typically refrains from commenting on such matters publicly. It’s worth noting, however, that EA has not officially announced the development of a Dead Space 2 remake. Hopefully, we will get confirmation soon on whether one is in the works.

Dead Space (2023) is out now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. You can read our review of it here.

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