WHAT YOU'VE MISSED - The ROH Weekly Update - Rely on Horror

WHAT YOU’VE MISSED – The ROH Weekly Update

Last Week on ROH

Latest Articles:

Rely on Horror’s Halloween Hit List
Cliches in Horror Gaming

Hot News:

Resident Evil – Raccoon City to be a team-based affair?
Resident Evil: Damnation – First Trailer

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Revealed
Dead Space 2 – Brand new Trailer

Resident Evil Creator directing his Last game
Mikami Speaks about the Zenimax Deal
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – Official Announcement

Other News:

Afterfall Insanity
Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday – New Scans

A new kind of Horror – Microsoft can use Kinect to spy on you
Official Dead Rising 2 Sales Figures
Capcom – No plans to buy more studios at this time Capcom – To remain a multi platform publisher
New Silent Hill 8 Trailer
Splatterhouse Producer talks Splatterkills

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