What Comes After Amnesia? Frictional Working on Two New Games


Frictional Games made a very low-key announcement of two new games while attending the 2017 Nordic Game Awards. While he couldn’t go into too much detail, founding developer Thomas Grip told Gamereactor that two projects are currently in development. One is closer to completion than the other, and only one will be horror. While the team is best known for their work on thought-provoking Amnesia series and 2015’s S.O.M.A., it seems that the era of horror is coming to an end for Frictional Games. Grip explains:

We’ve already done two games which are about being hunted by monsters. It feels old, we want to try and get away from it or figure out new ways to make it more exciting. We’re also trying to stray away from horror games. One of the games we’re making is going to be horror but the other is going to be focused on telling a very, very interesting story.

We can’t fault the team for wanting a new challenge. Over the last decade, the team has shown time and again a great talent for making suspenseful, touching horror games. While their particular brand of horror will be missed, at least we can look forward to one more game from the masters of suspense.

Check out the full interview at Gamereactor.

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