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Welcome to Quiet Haven: Free Roam Indie Horror Demo Released

Welcome to Quiet Haven
is a new 2D & 3D free roam indie horror title developed by designer Jordan King and heavily inspired by modern creepypasta myths and urban legends. In the game you must navigate your way through a cursed town by solving a string of murders that took place at an abandoned hotel at its edge. You navigate from a semi-isometric perspective and can use your car to explore the surrounding areas, as you gather clues and items to progress. Once you enter buildings the game switches to a first person, 3D perspective, enabling you to explore the environments in greater detail.

Among the game’s features are:

• An open ended map. No more linearity! Explore whichever direction you want to go first.

• A fuel gauge! Your car can now run out of fuel, so be careful and remember to fuel up at the gas station before you venture too far!

• More than twice the amount of monsters!

• More 3D exploration indoors!

•  Optional hauntings – not everything has to be messed with!

If you ever wondered what Silent Hill might look like as a retro, 2 kibibyte Atari game (as opposed to an NES game), look no further. Similar to modern titles like Organ Trail, this game oozes retro aesthetic, from its pixel art to its warbly, foreboding soundtrack. From the little I’ve played of it, I’m digging it. It’s interesting to play a retro game with a relatively convincing open world setting.

Welcome to Quiet Haven is currently downloadable for Windows. Head on over to the game demo’s page and name your own price to check it out.

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