Organ Trail: Director’s Cut now available for PC and Mac


After a near 5 month long wait following its initial iOS and Android release date,  Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is now available for Windows, Linux, and MAC digital download. If you’re not familiar with the game, basically it’s a homage to the legendary Oregon Trail computer game from the 1970’s. Only this time rather than playing as pioneer’s in colonial America, you play as a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse. You can purchase the game for the lowly price of $4.99 either directly from the developers website here or alternatively on Desura.

If, however, you’re reluctant to pick this title up because you already purchased it on a mobile device, then fear not, because this release of the game feature’s a few new enhancements:

  • An “Endless Mode”, which is a gametype where you play for as long as your character is alive.
  • Several combat upgrades
  • More than 40 new road events
  • Mini challenges that will earn you more modifiers and loadouts for your Endless mode playthrough
  • A new physics based driving game

The games developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats,  have also spent a considerable amount of time polishing the game up since the mobile release with various bug fixes. Additionally if you want the new content on your existing mobile devices, the mobile version is getting a $2 expansion soon that will include all the new content.

The game also is currently ranked #12 on Steam Greenlight, and the games developers are promising that anyone that buys the game directly from their website will automatically get a product key on Steam once the title is greenlit. So be sure to head over to Organ Trail: Director’s Cut Greenlight page and give them a ‘yes’ if you purchase the game directly from the developer but still want a Steam copy.


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