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WayForward teasing some Silent Hill fun on tonight’s livestream (Update)

So there I was, eating dinner and watching Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren–It’s an OK film, but watch The Girl instead. Then I saw a mysterious tweet by former Konami producer Tomm Hulett. The words “Silent Hill” fell under my gaze; eyes widening I continued reading, “fans will want to tune into the WF livestream after midnight, PST.”

What could these words mean? I continued reading.

“We are trying to line up some fun for you guys.” he concluded.

Fun? What is this fun he speaks of? Halloween is upon us, sure, but could Tomm and company be planning some sort of treat for us Silent Hill fans? Or trick? Could this be related to WayForward’s own Silent Hill game, or will they be playing older games in the series? Will they announce Book of Memories DLC? Will they summon Akira Yamaoka via magical means? Will Shantae make a trip to the town of Silent Hill as a hidden Kickstarter stretch goal?! The possibilities are endless. We will find out tonight, at midnight PST.

Update: The secret has been revealed. WayForward will be showing content from the unreleased Silent Hill DS project that they had in development prior to Book of Memories.


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