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WayForward shows off pre-Book of Memories Silent Hill concept demos

During WayForward’s 24 hour gaming marathon to promote the end of their Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter, the developer revealed their proof-of-concept demos for two Silent Hill games prior to Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The first demo that they showed off was a Nintendo DS Silent Hill from way back in 2006. The demo featured a few creepy rooms, with an imported James Sunderland character model and a look at how the team intended for the game to be played. The DS demo did not earn them a game deal with Konami back then, but it eventually led them to being recommended for Konami’s desire to create a new Silent Hill on the PlayStation Vita.

The second demo showed off WayForward’s ideas for what would become¬†Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The gameplay and visuals have a few things in common with the finished¬†Book of Memories, but it was far more traditional to Silent Hill than the released game was. The camera perspective, while allowing for real-time switching to an isometric view, let player explore environments much more intimately. The visuals share similarities with the finished game but were much better looking. Konami had wished for a multiplayer Silent Hill, so WayForward altered their ideas into what we have today.

It’s interesting seeing these sort of things. While I would have enjoyed a Silent Hill game on the Vita that looked like WayForward’s second demo, I had a lot of fun with Book of Memories–so much so that I’d like to see a sequel in the future or some more DLC. I’m not sure if either will happen–I was not awake for this stream, so I couldn’t ask–, but I hope so. Check out the two demos below to see what our alternate reality selves might be playing.

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