Warm Lamp Games Announces Beholder 2 Release Date - Rely on Horror

Warm Lamp Games Announces Beholder 2 Release Date

Developers at Warm Lamp Games have announced an official release date for Beholder 2. Set in a dystopian universe, Beholder 2 presents a world where “privacy is dead and a totalitarian State controls every aspect of life”, including who comes and goes and what is allowed to be printed, while the government watches citizens’ every move. The art style of this game is very reminiscent of PlayDead’s Limbo and  Inside, especially with the muted black and white color palette that evokes a constant sense of unease and fear of the unknown sitting just out of frame.

With more vast new worlds than its predecessor, Beholder 2 builds upon its lauded 2016 debut especially with new information and locations inside the authoritarian Ministry building, where everyone has a file and everyone is cataloged and categorized. Beholder 2 employs a choice system that allows players to choose to build a career versus building friendships, displaying coldness versus warmth towards people, or act as a whistleblower for one side versus the other.

Those who have purchased the original game will automatically receive a 20% off coupon for Beholder 2. With a 14.99 USD price, the discount off your shopping cart is a nice touch. Warm Lamp Games debuts its sequel on December 4, 2018, exclusively on STEAM.

You can check out Beholder 2‘s gameplay trailer down below.

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