Walmart Canada "Confirms" Release Date for Death Stranding

Walmart Canada “Confirms” Release Date for Death Stranding

Release Date for Death Stranding

Remember last May when Walmart Canada seemingly spoiled the announcement line-up (and/or release dates) of dozens of games, including RAGE 2, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and Just Cause 4? Well, the scamps might have done it again — intentionally or otherwise.

Geoff Keighley, creator and producer of The Game Awards, tweeted last night about the multiple world premiers to air during the show. In a brazen move, he tagged Walmart Canada to acknowledge how they’ve spoiled major reveals in the past. One fan asked Keighley to elaborate and included an attached image of Death Stranding‘s Walmart Canada product page. In response, Walmart Canada replied with “As per the information stated for this item, this is a pre-order that will ship in June.” Intentional announcement spoiler or a cheeky response?

Walmart Canada benefits from listing a release date in advance for news exposure and potentially increased pre-orders. The account likely can’t share false information with potential consumers, so informing folks that Death Stranding will certainly release in June is interesting. Perhaps it’s true. Or perhaps the account is on auto-pilot and simply reiterated what the placeholder on the website was. Time will tell!

Both Death Stranding and maybe Alien: Blackout will make appearances at The Game Awards on December 6.

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