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VTM: Bloodlines 2, Original Bloodlines Composer Returning For Sequel

You know, finding out that the original writer of the amazing VTM: Bloodlines was returning to be the head writer on Bloodlines 2 was pretty sick. Hearing about how hard the new team was trying to recapture the tone and atmosphere of the original was some heart-pounding shit. But the one thing I genuinely didn’t expect and could only have thought would be possible in my wildest dreams has come to pass:

Rik Schaffer Added a layer to VTM: Bloodlines that is honestly unmatched by any other kind of grunge media. The dark, dripping mood it blanketed the entire game in has become a permanent addition to my work playlists since I first discovered the game. Part of the reason I hadn’t expected him back is that he honestly hasn’t done a lot in a long, long time. Aside from being a co-composer on the score for 2014’s Elder Scrolls Online, he really hasn’t done a whole lot since about 2008. As a fan, this can’t possibly be more exciting. It’s impossible to not immediately fall back into the headspace with his music, even upon hearing just the first note of the Downtown Theme:

This bodes so, so well friends. I am antsy to hear even a taste, and it makes that pre-order bonus soundtrack even more of a necessity. Here’s hoping they can nab the rights to The Asylum’s amazing theme, Isolated performed by Emileigh Rohn (as Chiasm), but if not it’s not like we can’t just mod that sucker in.

Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 releases Q1 2020 across PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG/etc), PS4, and XBO. Look forward to more information as it becomes available!

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