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VTM: Bloodlines 2, More Info About Editions – Classic Costumes, Weapons, Season Pass

When VTM: Bloodlines 2 went up for pre-order last night, we also got to learn about the three editions that were also available for pre-order. At first all we really had where the names of the individual editions and the DLC packs therein, but now the Steam page has been updated with more information. The three editions are and include:

Standard Edition — with pre-order bonuses: First Blood Pack

This gets you a digital soundtrack, engraved pistol (looks like an M92F, the same kind STARS use in Resident Evil), the ‘Retro Hunter’ costume (which looks mighty familiar), and a civil war saber weapon skin. Pretty rad stuff for free, especially that costume.

Unsanctioned Edition — Contains the First Blood Pack on Pre-order and Unsanctioned Pack

This one is positively charming and I’ll just have to bite the bullet and get it. Including a full complement of classic VTM Bloodlines accessories, we get a Jeanette (the slutty co-owner of The Asylum nightclub in Santa Monica) costume and a Smiling Jack (the roadie turned Brujah Vamp that helps you get your barrings in the original’s opening hour or so) costume. There’s also developer commentary and an in-game art book (I assume accessible from the main menu as a bonus feature), Damsel’s (the Brujah Vamp revolutionary Anarch that you meet in the Last Round bar) beret, the creepy Voerman Family Portrait that hangs in Jeanette and Therese’s joint office/bedroom above The Asylum, a table (?) based on the Sarcophagus (a major plot point in the original game), a severed arm weapon skin (a classic, if totally useless weapon from the original game), and a uh… a stop sign. For the uninitiated, there’s a stop sign in the original game that features a cute easter egg, although I don’t know how it will factor into the new game. Maybe it hangs in your room (where the desk would supposedly go) and you can chat it up.

Blood Moon Edition — all content included in standard pre-order and Unsanctioned Edition and the Season of the Wolf Season Pass

This one is pretty straightforward. On top of everything else, you also get the Season of the Wolf Season Pass, which includes two new story packs that “take you deeper into the underbelly of Seattle and introduce some of the more fantastical denizens from the World of Darkness” and a full-blown expansion (presumably including new locations, abilities, and more) that sees “the vampires’ greatest enemy enter Seattle”. One quick trip back to the early 2000s should clue you into who that could be (also like… the name of the season pass). There’s also the Bludgeon weapon skin which kinda looks like a shitty version of TWD‘s famous Lucile “vampire” bat. Heh.

There’s also one of those silly flowcharts if you want:

Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 releases Q1 2020 across PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG/etc), PS4, and XBO. Look forward to more information as it becomes available!

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