Twin Peaks: Into The Night Demo Available Now

Twin Peaks: Into The Night

It’s time for a warm slice of cherry pie and some damn good coffee at the Double R diner, as a team of highly dedicated fans of Twin Peaks has done something many of us have always wanted: create a Twin Peaks video game. French indie developer, Blue Rose Team, has created a throwback 90s-horror Twin Peaks game, aptly titled Twin Peaks: Into The Night, with a demo available now on the developer’s page.

Like other retro games of a similar caliber, Twin Peaks: Into The Night proudly flaunts some crunchy, PSX-era graphics and a cinematic camera, following the esoteric, haunting plot cult fans have cherished for decades now. As described on the developer page:

February 24th, 1989. This morning, in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington, a dead body is discovered down by the shore. Wrapped in plastic. When special agent Dale Cooper is called out to investigate on the recent murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, mysterious events begin to occur. Created as an homage to good old 90s games classics, Twin Peaks: Into the Nightis a fan game adaptation of the eponymous series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Have a taste of a new gameplay experience that will immerse you directly into the unique atmosphere of the show.

Twin Peaks: Into The Night

According to the development team’s statement on Twitter:

The project has been passed mouth to mouth a lot through the internet, beyond what we had imagined. It makes things even more exciting for us, yet pretty terrifying at the same time. So, a huge thanks to everyone who will take the time to try the game out, and to everyone who has shared the project.

Touting myself as a coffee-toting Dale Cooper enthusiast, I had a wall plastered in collages of his many expressions and dialogues from the show during my last job at a publishing company. I took it upon myself to give the demo a whirl, and I was amazed at the accuracy of scenes from the show, the overhead angles of the cinematic camera that gave solid views of the characters, and the oddball ambiance that made the original Twin Peaks so popular with viewers. And notably, the game seems to be named after the eponymous song by Julee Cruise.

Perhaps the cream of the crop was the fun, text-based dialogue next to visuals of the characters, and, being hooked as I was, I felt the demo ended terribly soon. I was able to get a couple of friends to become interested in Twin Peaks and will definitely be playing (and possibly reviewing) the full version of the game once it is released. You can expect us to continue covering any news regarding the development of the game, as many of our staff are full-time David Lynch fanatics, so stay tuned for any updates.

You can view the new trailer for Twin Peaks: Into The Night below.

YouTube video

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