Troy Baker states that he’s worked on a Castlevania game with Konami [Update]

Update: Troy got back to us and let us know that his comments were regarding a cancelled game; not one currently in development. Oops!

We just put up a podcast interview our very own CJ Melendez held with the one and only, Troy Baker (of Final Fantasy XIII, Catherine and soon to be Silent Hill 2 fame, amongst loads of other games). If you haven’t listened to it already then shame on you. In it the voice actor shares his thoughts on Guy Cihi, who was the original voice actor for a character Troy will now be voicing, Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderalnd. He also talks about his beginnings in voice acting and his relationship with the Silent Hill series, amongst other topics.

Then he goes on to make one very interesting statement:

“We did Castlevania with them. I’m doing another game with them right now.”

Wait, what? As far as I know– and please correct me if I’m wrong– Troy Baker has yet to lend his voice to a Castlevania game. So, what is this talk of “did Castlevania with them” ? Did Troy just let slip one of Konami’s big surprises? We’re all expecting some form of celebratory game for the series 25th anniversary, so this may be related to that project. Or perhaps it’s for the inevitable Lords of Shadow sequel? When all is said and done, something tells me Troy will be voicing a Belmont, but that’s just pure speculation on my part.

Make sure to share your own thoughts on this striking revelation in the comments section below!

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