Town Of Light Gets Free Demo On PS4 And Xbox One

The Town of Light publisher Wired Productions has released a playable demo of the narrative-based horror game on consoles, for interested parties who have yet to give the game a try. Studio head for Town of Light developer Luca Dalco says that the demo is being released as a way to help people better understand mental illness.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from players who’ve followed Renée’s journey and how it made them compassionate to the psychological and physical effects people experienced whilst at the asylum prior to its closure. To reflect this, we wanted to provide more gamers the opportunity to play a portion of the game – for free – to understand more about mental health.”

Upon it’s release, The Town of Light was met with some controversy for it’s portrayal of sensitive subject matter including sexual assault and mental illness. In our review for The Town of Light, we said it “This game is the equivalent of Oscar Bait movies – it goes down the checklist of war, death, mental illness, lost childhood, forbidden love, LGBT, and because it has a female main character: rape.” We gave the game 5/10, you can read out review right here.

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