This Dusk Trailer Is a Brutal Mashup of 90s FPS Horror


If you ever get the urge to strafe-jump your way through id Software’s back catalogue, then you might want to check this out. Details about retro FPS Dusk surfaced earlier this month, and now we have a full trailer showcasing its gameplay while paying homage to such classics as Redneck RampageHereticQuake, and Doom.

Dusk will feature three campaign episodes inspired by all of the above and more. In addition, it will feature an Endless Survival Mode pitting you against enemy waves as well as a 1v1 online battle arena. The game was developed through a collaboration between David Szymanski and New Blood Interactive, and it appears to be the spiritual successor to a little game called Pit that Szymanski put out on a couple of years ago.

New Blood has also released the first track from the game’s original soundtrack by metal composer Andrew Hulshult, who previously composed for the Brutal DOOM mod and Rise of the Triad. The riff-filled song makes a good backdrop for shotgunning enemies into oblivion.

Dusk releases for PC in 2017. To keep up with development, follow @duskgame and @thenewbloods. Meanwhile, check out the trailer, “Endless” track, and screenshots below.

Bonus gifs (with lots of flips!):

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