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The Terror Of Amnesia: Collection Is Available On Nintendo Switch


Amnesia Collection

Frictional Games and The Chinese Room have released the Amnesia: Collection on Nintendo Switch. Their goal is to terrorize players wherever they are, and they will certainly do so with the Switch release. This compilation allows players to enjoy the origins of the series with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, first published on PC back in September 2010. Frictional Games developed the game with a commitment to terror and stealth, requiring players to push forward while trying to escape weird creatures that give chase through a dilapidated castle.

The collection also includes Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, a game developed by The Chinese Room and published by Frictional Games. This game offers an even more sordid approach, dealing with human evils set in the common allegory of monsters in a broken world. They set this horror adventure in the 19th century. In 1899, rich businessman Oswald Mandus has returned from a disastrous expedition to Mexico. He wakes up remembering nothing, realizing little by little that something horrible has happened in his mansion.

Finally, the Amnesia: Collection also includes Amnesia: Justine. This is an expansion of the first game that tells a story about altruism and selfishness where you can save everyone, or just die trying.

With games like Outlast and Layers of Fear joining the Nintendo Switch catalog, you will definitely have enough material to enjoy a terrifying Halloween. You should not miss the opportunity to add this great horror series to your library of portable games. The collection is available on the eShop for $29.99.

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