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The scariest unintentional thing to happen in Silent Hill 2

While going through one of my favorite games of all time, Silent Hill 2, I stumbled upon something strange and new. It has been well documented that Silent Hill 2 has a few issue when played on an Xbox 360. The emulation is quite buggy; so there are a few glitches which can sometimes interfere with the game. There is a save data glitch, and a texture glitch.

The texture glitch has never affected more than a few object surfaces, but today during my playthrough of the classic horror game, I stumbled upon the scariest thing this game had to offer after so many years.

In the cutscene which takes place before the final confrontation with Eddie, there seemed to be some sort of glitch at work. Eddie’s face and arms have become that of a corpse. Perhaps the best glitch this game could muster, I happened to run into.

Eddie’s final speech becomes terrifying as his new appearance reminds me of Freddy Kreuger. Way to keep an old game fresh I suppose. Thanks, crappy Xbox emulation. You’re the Beez Neez

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