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The Sales Race: Dead Rising 2 beats Lords of Shadow

It’s all about the marketing. And as we all know, Capcom was really pushing Dead Rising 2, and now it shows in the UK Charts for the week ending October 9. Of course, Dead Rising 2 couldn’t take the top 2 spots away from FIFA 11 or Halo Reach, but it’s neatly planted on the 3rd place seat. And what of Lords of Shadow? Sadly, it’s down at the no.7 spot.

I predicted something like this would come to fruition in a DailyVania post, and now it’s a sad reality, in the UK at least. I mean, here’s a game from a franchise that just deserves to be at least in the top 3 spot in regards to a new installment. Well, that just goes to show you how some people can’t get enough of mindless shooters and sports simulators…At least Dead Rising 2 is performing well, but like i said, Castlevania deserves better.


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