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The One We Found Packages a Plethora of Horror Staples into its First Trailer

The trailer for The One We Found explores the Whisperwood Mental Institution. In 1958, officials went underground to investigate a newly discovered tunnel system beneath the facility. None returned alive. The developers at Loveridge Designs cleverly package a plethora of horror game staples into their first trailer, with such standbys as a derelict setting, shambling hospital patients, and the ever-popular trembling flashlight. In one of the beautifully macabre opening shots, Jacob’s Ladder and Silent Hill: Homecoming vibes come through loud and clear. Eerie hospitals filmed at certain angles will always generate that type of nightmare fuel. Those who have keen eyes will catch “I’m waiting James” written in blood on a hospital placard. I see you, Silent Hill 2.

As the trailer continues, the references to Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower DLC begin to ramp up. It appears that the patients are guinea pigs for a host of experiments- carried out by the Soviet Union if the flag hanging in a laboratory is to be trusted. This further begs the question, what were these scientists doing during the Cold War that led to their patients no longer looking or behaving like humans? Scrolling through computer files left behind in the installation, it is apparent that the scientists wield an ironclad grip on the patients. As the notes progress, implementation of a neural implant becomes compulsory- aka mandatory- if you know what’s good for you.

How could I forget to mention? The One We Found loves a good body bag. There are so many on display throughout that they become droll, like coats in an overstuffed closet. Certain horror staples can be used to great effect when utilized sparingly, but there is such a thing as overkill. For a non-excessive example, the body bag room in The Evil Within 2 was so jarring and symmetric, I immediately ran for the exit, and if memory serves we never saw a body bag again in the entire game…but I digress.

The One We Found does draw from a lot of familiar sources, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This game isn’t just a run and hide sort of affair; you’ll be able to switch between firearms during its runtime. So, there’s that as a plus. Some people like a petrifying, helpless, weaponless experience and some people prefer a petrifying, guns blazing extravaganza. What other horror references will you be able to find on STEAM or XBOX ONE when the game releases October 31?


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