The next Alien Game, Alien: Isolation, will Star Ellen Ripley’s Daughter

Aliens: Colonial Marines received negative reviews all across the board and was a massive failure. Because of this, Sega has stated that they’ve taken note of the feedback and planned an entirely new Alien game titled Alien: Isolation, which they aim it to be a very different and much better game than Colonial Marines. In development for current and next-gen systems, Isolation is being worked on by British studio Creative Assembly. It will be a first-person shooter using stealth and horror elements, citing inspiration in Dishonored and Bioshock.

Heavily inspired by the first Alien film and starring Amanda Ripely, the daughter of the series’ protagonist Ellen Ripley, you’ll be isolated on an empty space station with a single Xenomorph for most of the game. Using vents and lockers to hide is key and melee weapons will play a big role. Guns will be in the game as well, and you’ll be fighting clones and soldiers. Amanda is mentioned in the special edition of Aliens, where Ellen is told she died of old age while Ellen was in cryo-sleep between the first two films. No other media in the Alien universe has ever explored Ellen’s daughter.

Much of this information is six months old, but Kotaku reassures us that their source reconfirmed all of these details earlier today.

As an Alien fan, this news is very exciting. I didn’t even bother to play Colonial Marines after all the negativity I heard about it. A slow paced, stealthy/horror Alien game sounds just like a good cure for the bad taste it left in players mouth’s. The only thing I’m skeptical on is the clone and soldier enemies. If there are any homicidal androids though, count me in!


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