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The Launch Trailer for Carrion is Bloody Fantastic

We’ve been looking forward to Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion for quite some time now. First revealed way back in 2018, this ‘reverse horror game’ has kept my attention with each new trailer and update. The game is finally here, releasing tomorrow across Xbox One, PC, and Switch (sorry PS4 owners) and we’re hyped as hell to play (we just began our review, so please look forward to that!).

Along with the game itself dropping tomorrow, an all-new animated trailer for Carrion released today from CRCR / Wizz (an animation studio that’s done trailers for numerous other games in the past). It’s a thing of beauty, disturbing and delightfully bloody in a very 80s/90s anime kind of way. I especially love the static security footage moments, the whole thing is just so delightfully fucked up.

We’re still in the process of playing through, but we’ll have our thoughts on Carrion lined up for you asap.

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