New “reverse-horror” game Carrion lets you be the monster

The team behind the indie pixel shooter BUTCHER is creating a new 2D horror game simply titled Carrion, that turns the tables around by allowing you to be the monster. Akin to The Thing or The Blob, the alien mass of flesh you control sneaks around corridors as it rips unsuspecting victims apart limb from limb. Of course, hazards are in your way include security personnel and robots, but your creature can evolve to gain abilities like splitting off into multiple segments or throwing and dashing.

Fans of Transhuman Design’s aformentioned game might recognize the similar bloody artstyle, albeit with some new physics at play. PC is the only console they can confirm at this point but they’d like to spread out to other platforms if opportunities present themselves. The game has no planned release date yet but a gore-filled trailer can be seen below.

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