The Last of Us referenced in Uncharted 3?

It seems like the possible horror game, Last of Us has been under our noses all along. posted a video of the front page of a newspaper within Uncharted 3. The headline on The Overseer newspaper reads: “Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus”.

This may just be a coincidence, but it could also have some connection to the killer fungi known as “Cordyceps” that was posted on the Last Of Us website.

According to, a video from a BBC wildlife film depicting the nature of the cordyceps on regular ants was posted of Last of Us’ website. Still, with only a few days ’till the VGAs, could this Uncharted Easter egg be merely a coincidence, or is Naughty Dog somehow in connection with the mysterious title?

The Last of Us is set to debut at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and is to be a PS3 exclusive title. Whether it’s actually a horror title remains to be seen, but the game’s teaser material has been unnerving to say the least.

YouTube video


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